87-Key Custom Cherry MX Keycap Set

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87-Key Cherry MX Keycap Set87-Key Cherry MX Keycap Set
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Sound dampeners will reduce the clack produced by the keyboard when a key is bottomed out. This will also slightly reduce the travel of the keys. Watch our demo video and get more info in our O-Ring Sound Dampeners info page.

Change the size of some keys to better accommodate certain keyboards.

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Uploading your own layout file gives you full control of what is printed on the keys. We support Inkscape, CorelDRAW, or Illustrator. To see our tutorial and to download template files, view our template guide.

Allowed file extensions to upload: .svg, .cdr, .ai

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Design your custom keycap set with the V2 Designer tool. All custom keycap sets feature UV coated ABS keycaps for extremely durable legends and resistance to keycap wear.

Keycap Material: UV Coated ABS

Compatibility: Fits on most Cherry MX keyboards.

Included Keycaps:
32 - Row 4, 1x1
15 - Row 3, 1x1
9 - Row 2, 1x1
2 - Row 2, 1x1, Raised Line
14 - Row 1, 1x1
1 - Row 4, 1x2.00
2 - Row 3, 1x1.50
1 - Row 2, 1x1.75
1 - Row 2, 1x2.25
1 - Row 1, 1x2.25
1 - Row 1, 1x2.75
5 - Row 1, 1x1.25
2 - Row 1, 1x1.25 Command
1 - Spacebar 

Also includes 1 Wire Keycap Puller Tool