CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g

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CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65gCODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g
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CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Zealio 65g

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Choose the color of your keyboard case. Standard black or white. Please note that the case color does not change the color of the keycaps.



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Sound dampeners will reduce the clack produced by the keyboard when a key is bottomed out. This will also slightly reduce the travel of the keys. Watch our demo video and get more info in our O-Ring Sound Dampeners info page.

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The CODE keyboard is the result of a collaboration between WASD Keyboards and Jeff “Coding Horror” Atwood. For more in depth information, visit

CODE Features

Plate Mounted Zealio 65g Mechanical Key Switches
- 65cN Bottom Out Force
- Tactile bump
- Non-clicky
- High quality, gold plated switches rated at 50 million cycles

N/6-Key Rollover
- True N-Key Rollover over PS/2 with included adapter
- Modified 6-Key Rollover over USB allows additional key presses after 6 keys to be recognized

White LED Backlighting
- Built in hotkeys to turn LED backlighting on/off
- 7 different brightness levels
- Onboard memory saves backlighting preferences
- White backplate

Configurable Key Output
- Switch between QWERTY, Mac, Dvorak, and Colemak output modes
- Switch Caps Lock to Ctrl

Gaming Features
- Windows Lock mode allows toggling the Windows Keys on and off with Scroll Lock
- Fully disable Windows Keys operation

Multimedia Shortcuts
- Play, Stop, Next, Prev, Vol Up, Vol Down, and Mute shortcuts
- Optimized shortcut locations
- Can be disabled enable the default "Menu" key

Download V2 User Guide

Case Design
- Detachable USB cable
- 5-way cable routing system
- Low profile case for a more comfortable and natural typing position
- White LED lock indicators
- No logo
- Rubberized flip out feet

- 1.8m (70.8in) Micro USB cable with cable tie
- Wire keycap puller
- USB to PS/2 adapter


Dimensions: 363x142x30mm (14.3x5.6x1.2in)
Weight: 952g (2.1 lbs)
Interface: USB / PS2
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
Case Material: ABS
Keycap Material: ABS
Made in Taiwan. Designed in USA.