WASD VP3 61-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical Keyboard

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WASD VP3 61-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical KeyboardWASD VP3 61-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical Keyboard
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Sound dampeners will reduce the clack produced by the keyboard when a key is bottomed out. This will also slightly reduce the travel of the keys. Watch our demo video and get more info in our O-Ring Sound Dampeners info page.

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Doubleshot PBT Keycaps
- Doubleshot molding provides extremely durable and seamless legends
- 99.9% anti-microbial coating
- Includes extra Black/Slate Esc Key

In collaboration with Vortex, we've taken the powerhouse 60% Poker 3 keyboard and allowed our customers to customize it to make it truly their own. This keyboard paired with low contrast black/slate PBT keycaps is the perfect solution for limited desk space or mechanical keyboarding on the go. Choose between 3 dipswitch selectable keyboard layouts, with additional features such as individually programmable keys with 3 different customizable layer options.

VP3 Features

Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches
- German engineered
- High quality, gold plated switches rated at 50 million cycles

N-Key Rollover
- N-Key Rollover over USB

Configurable Key Output
- Switch between QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak output modes
- Switch Caps Lock to Fn

Multimedia Shortcuts
- Play, Stop, Next, Prev, Vol Up, Vol Down, and Mute shortcuts

Download VP3 User Guide

Case Design
- All metal case
- Detachable Mini USB cable
- No logo
- Rubberized non-slip pads

- Wire keycap puller
- 1.5m (60in) Mini USB cable


Dimensions: 290x105x36mm (11.4x4.1x1.4in)
Weight: 726g (1.6 lbs)
Interface: USB
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
Case Material: Steel
Keycap Material: PBT
Made in Taiwan.