CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX ClearCODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Very nice/clean design Review by Buck
The keyboard has a nice/clean design and feels nice under my fingers. I wish I'd made the jump years ago.

improvements that could be made:
- an auto-off feature for the backlight (eg., after 5m, turn off the light until the next keypress)
- a USB-A port for security keys to live in
(Posted on 4/24/18)
Great keyboard. Very clickable. Review by Jon S.
Love everything about it. Quality product. 5/5, would purchase again. (Posted on 4/23/18)
Exactly what I was looking for. Review by Nahuel
I previously owned a Blackwidow, and now after a couple days of using this, I must say I really loved it. The attention to detail is stunning and the backlight is just perfect, I had installed some sound dampeners and they didn't affect the feel of the keys so much, it is still very pleasant and they make it less clicky sound so I can type at night without bothering everyone around me.

I love it!. (Posted on 4/8/18)
When you replace something with the identical thing you know you've got a winner Review by Timothy
Five years or so ago, I bought my first CODE 87 key keyboard. Some of the switches were starting to fail sometimes, so I thought it was time to replace it. It wasn't a difficult decision to repurchase the exact same keyboard. It feels right, it sounds right, it just works. (Posted on 3/26/18)
Overall: Outstanding Review by Lars
I had some initial troubles with the key layout setup - the Mac key layout for the meta keys didn't quite work, so I switched back - but I'm actually starting to like that layout better that way. Just that damn muscle memory...

The Cherry Clears don't have quite the same tactile feedback as the Greens I use at home, but are satisfying enough while still being gentle on my co-workers' ears (even without sound dampeners).

I have tried a few other mechanical keyboards, but so far the CODE line is my favorite. And, they fit my hands. (Posted on 3/15/18)
A great experience Review by tksymphony
I use the keyboard for a lot of professional computer typing, and it is fantastic.
Everyone who uses a computer should make the switch.
(Posted on 3/11/18)
After some initial hiccups, I love this board Review by Curt
I'm using this keyboard on a Mac, so I planned to swap the Alt keys into the OS position and install Mac-style ⌘ (command) keycaps where the Alts were. Sadly the post of one of the Alt keys pulled out of the board when I attempted to remove the keycap. Apparently this isn't uncommon with the Clear switches.

After a quick trip back to the factory for a new key switch, I'm back in business. The Clear switches with red sound dampeners give me nearly the feel of the blue switches that I've come to love without driving my office mates crazy. They say this keyboard is actually quieter than the Apple Magic Keyboard that I was hammering on previously.

I know I'm faster and more accurate on a mechanical keyboard. The Code with Clear switches is the perfect answer for an open office environment. (Posted on 2/18/18)
Best Keyboard, Ever Review by Winky Wooster

I've used lots of keyboards over the course of almost 40 years of computing, and the CODE 87-Key with Cherry MX Clear keys is just the right mix of size, mechanical feel, and customization. I've had it for a week, and I've fallen in love with it. I ordered another one for home only after a few days of using it.

One complaint is the micro-usb connection is hard to get to. I was hoping to use a regular USB cable, and a USB-C cable for different computers, but it's a pain to unplug and plug back in. (Posted on 1/24/18)
Great build quality, great typing experience. Clear or bust, but also that ping. Review by Pretty dang solid
Hey, so my review will be pretty straightforward.
I want to address any folks that are starting on their mech journey, or if they're starting to get one of their early upgrades.

The reason that I bought this board originally was because my plan was to dipswitch into MacOS mode, because hackintoshes are awesome.
I've done that, but the Command/Alt switch doesn't work with the PS/2 adapter, which is kind of too bad.
Either way, I use it with the Fn keys and the Mac style Command switch, and it's awesome.

I jumped on the clear switches because I'm a musician and a pretty heavy typist.
My original experience with mech was with the older Razer BlackWidow, like the blue one, I think, or the first gen green one.
Either way, I moved to Mac laptop keys and continued to practice piano, so I have a pretty good appreciation for the whole heavy typing hands thing.
Also, if your ergos are correct, all you'll do is build or retain muscle with firmer switches.

While I was researching, I found a few sites from like 2013 that said that if, you've never tried clears or browns, clears are what most people imagine browns to feel like.
Basically, they have a similar tactility to blues, which I like, and they still sound pretty good, but they don't have the intense click that blues have.
After all of that, I found a few keyboards in my local computer store and tried them out, just to get a taste, and it took more than I had imagined to distinguish between the red and brown switched.
I knew that I had wanted more tactility than browns, but didn't want the click.
So far, I've played a fair variety of video games, and haven't been disappointed at all with the key feel, and I've not been tired out after 12 hour days at the keyboard, with a gaming/typing mix depending on whether or not I'm doing work.

The backlighting is good; I've honestly only used it at the lowest brightness because it's more of a reassurance than anything else; I would have honestly gone blank with the V2, but for the sake of learning new editing softwares or anything else in which I need to learn new key combos to do things I haven't done before, the fact that you have a legend is kinda nice.

And finally, the ping.
I think that this was the most agreed upon thing that I had read about; there's ping in the keyboard.
I watched videos, and I looked at demos, and I read as much as I could.
I even found the old and new WASD videos that address the O-rings, which I didn't install because I wanted to get a feel for the greater stroke length.
Long story short, the ping definitely does get a bit better, but it's still freaky; it's like feedback, and it actually resonates if I talk on the phone and some other stupid stuff.
It seriously is annoying, and it's the reason why I didn't give this board a five star review.
Literally any kind of sound dampener on the backplate of the board would have done the trick.
I think the fact that nothing' there just has to do with the lighting, but I would love to see some kind of homebrew solution.
Many people say that it can be fixed with an O-ring installation, but the lack of O-rings isn't really what's causing it, but hey, if it's works, do it.
I'm going to do it.
Either way, I'm looking at eventually turning these into pandas (Clear switch with black springs) so I'll take a look later on when I have the chance to take this thing apart.
In my experience, the cheapest fix is to use that pair of headphones that you already have, as any in or on ears with any degree of closed back will pretty much filter out the sound.

Despite this, I'm stoked, and I'm happy to have purchased this tank of a board.
I'm looking forward to doing tons of work with this beast, as a writer sees their pen.

Cheers, and I hope you enjoy as much as I do!
(Posted on 1/19/18)
Mechanical Heaven Review by Lorenzo
I love this keyboard.

Build quality, size, individual key backlight, action, tactile and audible feedback, everything about this keyboard is outstanding.

As other reviewers pointed out, it does have a slight metallic "ring", but you ears quickly get used to it and using a large XXL mouse pad helps further dampening it.

I imported this keyboard to Europe, paying hefty shipping and customs fees almost doubling the $150 list price and regret nothing. I'd buy another one without hesitation if I needed to. It's THAT good. (Posted on 12/22/17)

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