CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX GreenCODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green
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AMAZING! Review by Mizzy_03
My boyfriend loved it so much. :)) The keyboard was really really amazing and the sound/click of the keys are good. Worth it and was fast delivery! Kudos! (Posted on 9/17/17)
Well worth the price Review by Luis Sanchez
I feel that I have been cheating myself by not buying a mechanical keyboard before now. I had tried others for a few moments, but always felt that the keys were too easy to press.

I wanted to be more accurate, but also get some tactile and audio feedback that all my keystrokes were landing. The CODE with Cherry MX Green switches seemed to be the best in form and function. I didn't need flashy RGB LEDs.

I wanted something minimalist and elegant. This really fits the bill. It is definitely worth the investment, and has made me enjoy typing that much more. (Posted on 5/17/17)
I love the Code Review by Scott Kenyon
I work as a Systems Engineer, and as such I spend a lot of time behind a keyboard. My employer gave me a laptop to use but I provided all my peripherals and docking station etc. I was using one of those membrane keyboards that ship with Lenovo desktops and kept mistyping and typing slow. A change was surely in order.

I spent a lot of time looking through keyboards to use for both home and work. Without being able to touch and feel them it was very hard to make a decision. Code was on my radar, but also the Ducky Shine and Das as well as Unicomp which supposedly make a faithful reproduction of the IBM Model M. I was heavily leaning toward the Unicomp but my gut told me to get the Code. I purchased one with green switches and had it shipped to the site I work at.

I've been using the Code with green switches for a few weeks now. I really enjoy having it at work so much that when I come home to a Razer Blackwidow Chroma it feels like a childrens' toy. My accuracy is better, my speed is better and my arms feel better overall. Seeing as 50% of IT is documentation this means a lot for me. My worklife has been a lot better because of my decision to go with the Code.

I like this keyboard so much that I'm going to buy one for home as well and get rid of this junk toy one. I don't care about colors or macro buttons. I want a good solid keyboard that performs like a champ. That is what the Code is and will continue to be until I kill it.

The greens they use exceeded my expectations for tactile feedback. I work in an office alone so the noise is a non-issue. It's fairly heavy for a keyboard and you can tell it is very well built.

I have only two very minor complaints about it. One is that the keycaps are sorta flimsy even compared to the ones that come on the Chroma. I'll eventually be picking up an entirely different set of something that are a bit thicker plastic and feel better. The second (and sorta thankfully for the first complaint) is that several of the keycaps had remnants from manufacturing. These were pieces of plastic jutting out of the bottom most portion of the keycap. The one on the up arrow key was so long it actually made a very loud high pitched sound when it scraped against the top bezel of the keyboard. Luckily the plastic was thin enough one good swipe with my trusty pocketknife took care of all the burrs.

Complaints aside I was and will continue to be happy with the Code. I cannot recommend it enough. If you're looking for a great productivity keyboard this is the one you should get.

Thank you wasd for making what will be the keyboard I continue to use and recommend for years. I can't wait to get another for home. (Posted on 3/20/17)
Best Northgate successor Review by Murray
The Code Green is the best Northgate-AvantStellar successor I have found. Better feel and function than competitors. I use it for typing and number entry (not games0

PRO Weight of the KB, tactile feat. and function of the keys; ctrl-CpsLock swap without Sharpkeys

CON No "=" key on the keypad; "Pause" key does not reprogram with Sharpkeys; No option for left-side function keys (would make the kb into a 116 key item, but I really miss these); No large Enter key (Posted on 2/19/17)
The best keyboard yet Review by SilvaCourses
Ever since the last of my IBM Model M keyboards died couple of years ago I have been looking for a decent replacement. During the last 65 years I have typed on just about everything except a Linotype machine. A good keyboard definitely makes a difference.

For two years I have been buying and trying mechanical keyboards. Some are nice - some nicer than others. After 2 years my favorite was a Ducky Shine 3 with Cherry Blue switches. Then I found a good deal on the WASD Code with Cherry Green switches and as soon s I tried it out, I put the Ducky away.

The Code feels solid, it feels real. I type faster on it, and more accurately. I don't know why but I have been encountering errors with the other keyboards, including the Ducky. For instance, most of the time when I tried to type "your" it came out "yhour" instead, and I had to backspace and correct it.

I haven't done that one on this Code keyboard.

I never had a typing lesson. When I was about 10 years old my mother showed me which finger went on which key, and after that I was on my own. The only other advice I got was when a young woman told me that if I would keep my fingers closer to the keys, I won't get them stuck between the keys so often. I was backing off so I could get some momentum on the old Smith Corona and Underwood and Remington manual typewriters. She was right.

The best typewriter I ever used was the IBM Electronic 50. I still can't believe I bought one in 1979 for $1,485 - on a salary of $125 a week. It was worth it. A couple of years later, while the company I worked for was interviewing people for a secretarial position, I asked the girls in the office to check my speed. They clocked me at 93 words per minute, on my Electronic 50. That was faster than most of the applicants.

A couple of years later I sold the Electronic 50 and used the money for a down payment on an IBM Displaywriter dedicated word processor. It had a great big wonderful keyboard, and it was very fast. That machine cost me $7,500 - and it was worth it.

Soon after that IBM released the PC, with a terrible keyboard. Later when they came out with the PS2 they had another excellent keyboard. I bought all of the IBM Model M keyboards that i could find at the local flea markets, and wore them out. I'm glad I did, because that led me to the Code.

As you can see, I have had some experience with keyboards. I cannot imagine ever typing again on a keyboard that is not illuminated. Yes, I know where all the keys are, but sometimes my fingers aren't in position and I just need to type one letter or symbol, so I look to see where the key is and tap it with my index finger.

I've tried color LED's on keyboards, and I like white the best. I always set the lighting to the highest setting - on other keyboards. On the code, just 1 step up from the lowest setting is perfect for me. I love it!

This Code keyboard feels like a professional instrument. It is virtually error free - no strange letters appear on the screen. When I was using manual typewriters, I got used to listening as I typed, and this often let me know if I missed a letter, even if I didn't see it. Then I would correct it. Without the audible feedback some errors slip by.

I am working on 2 new books right now, so I am giving the keyboard a good workout. I never imagined I'd be writing more books at age 76, but a publisher approached me and offered a lot of money. Actually, I am not a 76 year old man - I am a man... in a 76 year old body. But that's another story.

Now there is just one more thing I want to try: A WASD Code Keyboard with Clear switches. When I find a good deal on one, I will buy it and will find out for myself if it is as good as the reviews make it sound.

Meanwhile I guess I better start selling these other keyboards I have accumulated, because the Code has spoiled me, and I'm not giving it up.

Ed Bernd Jr. (Posted on 11/26/16)
Great keyboard Review by Brian
This it the best keyboard I have used since my Northgate keyboards died. I like the green mechanical feel and the ergonomic size. Use this keyboard all day for work, no problems at all. (Posted on 11/13/16)
Best Keyboard I Ever Had Review by Arash Badie Modiri
Best keyboard I ever had. Feels sturdy and has a very high build quality. I highly recommend Cherry MX Green switches for maximum tactile and audio feedback. (Posted on 7/18/16)
Excellent Review by Stone
Bought this for work and the green switches are perfect for AutoCAD. I love the switches on the back allowing the keyboard to switch to different modes. The keyboard is not too flashy and over the top. The greens are probably my new favorite, I've only used browns and blues and now my blues at home feel extremely weak after using the green switches. (Posted on 7/13/16)
Perfect Keyboard for hardcore coders Review by Arif
Wanted/needed a high quality keyboard for work at home.. this is it.. keystrokes feel great, have reduced my typing errors significantly, An absolute pleasure to type on 16+ hours a day! (Posted on 7/2/16)
Excellent Review by JSON
Switching from Blues on a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate to the Greens on this was an easy transition. I only noticed the heavier actuation force when comparing them side-by-side.

I'd say the Greens are marginally quieter than the Blues and, overall, they're about as loud as whatever non-mechanical switches the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard uses.

The lock LEDs are close enough to the number pad that I can't see them at certain angles. Their brightness doesn't change with the key adjustments, either, but neither of those things are a big deal.

I like that there isn't a built-in palm rest. It lets me decide how to adjust for comfort and I can pick it up in one hand.

The feet are rubberized and the edge under the space bar is angled slightly so when the feet are lowered, the keyboard is still stable. I haven't had this for very long yet but the rubber pads seem like they're going to stay put. A lot of other keyboards I've owned lost their pads really easily.

The USB cord is sturdy. I'm confident that I can run it through any of the channels on the underside of the keyboard without wrecking the insulation. My only real gripes are that the cord comes out of the middle channel pretty easily and it's a little bit of a pain to connect the keyboard end of the USB cable. (Posted on 6/10/16)

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