CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX GreenCODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green
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Excellent Review by JSON
Switching from Blues on a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate to the Greens on this was an easy transition. I only noticed the heavier actuation force when comparing them side-by-side.

I'd say the Greens are marginally quieter than the Blues and, overall, they're about as loud as whatever non-mechanical switches the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard uses.

The lock LEDs are close enough to the number pad that I can't see them at certain angles. Their brightness doesn't change with the key adjustments, either, but neither of those things are a big deal.

I like that there isn't a built-in palm rest. It lets me decide how to adjust for comfort and I can pick it up in one hand.

The feet are rubberized and the edge under the space bar is angled slightly so when the feet are lowered, the keyboard is still stable. I haven't had this for very long yet but the rubber pads seem like they're going to stay put. A lot of other keyboards I've owned lost their pads really easily.

The USB cord is sturdy. I'm confident that I can run it through any of the channels on the underside of the keyboard without wrecking the insulation. My only real gripes are that the cord comes out of the middle channel pretty easily and it's a little bit of a pain to connect the keyboard end of the USB cable. (Posted on 6/10/16)
This is an excellent board Review by Michael
It's a simple, classic and professional-looking board that feels and sounds great with the Greens (plus red O-rings).

The stock caps (like most) are a bit thin and mine arrived with a cracked Enter key on the numpad (lower right corner), which I didn't discover for several days because the crack was on the bottom right of the cap. The little crack notwithstanding, everything on the board functioned just fine (and all the stock caps look great with the LED backlight) and I replaced the caps recently anyway with thick PBT blanks.

The great thing about WASD is that you have the option to just order a barebones board if you want to skip the stock caps altogether and order your own. (Posted on 1/5/16)
So Good Review by JayMan
This is simply an excellent keyboard for people who care about their typing experience. Anyone who types all day long should be taking a look at the CODE. The keyboard itself is very high quality and I've been using mine for about a year with no complaints to this day. Especially nice is that it's well weighted and very solid, it's hard to describe what that does to the feel of the keyboard, but after trying one I think it's obvious that the solid construction can be felt while typing.

My preference is for the green switches, but I have a CODE with the clear switches as well and both are excellent, which switch you want is just personal preference. Like many, I do enjoy the feedback with the green switches and the force required to depress the keys, to me, seems perfect.

I see the CODE as a keyboard for professionals who want a great keyboard, but don't want all the frills you tend to get with the gaming keyboards. (Posted on 9/18/15)
Don't know I waited so long to move back to a high quality mechanical keyboard Review by KeithLightfoot
First impressions:
1. Nice solid build, good weight, nice narrow profile for desk space
2. Works instantly, no set up required, just plug it in
3. Good pressure required on keys (Green Switches) and good tactile feedback
4. Click sound is much quieter than I had anticipated (was hoping for a louder click, like an old IBM PC-AT keyboard) ... wrote to WASD and they responded quickly to let me know that Buckling Springs are much louder
5. Shipping cost to New Zealand is crazy expensive
6. LED lights are excellent, previously used a desk lamp to illuminate the old keyboard ... now LED keys do the job really well without the lamp

Really nice product, have been using various keyboards including Apple keyboard on Windows prior to CODE purchase, don't know I took so long to move back to high quality mechanical keyboard, already feeling the difference in my fingers and shoulders, and typing experience is much more pleasant and satisfying. (Posted on 4/26/15)
手感非常棒 Review by Lin
对于一个重度喜欢打字的程序员来说,不管是触觉、听觉还是视觉上都非常“治愈”。声音没有想象中的那么大,键程刚刚好,很快就适应了键盘,打字也不累。奢华的享受。以上文字,来自 CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green。 (Posted on 4/21/15)
Everything I've Ever Wanted in a Keyboard Review by Scott
The summary above really says it all.

The clicking is pleasant, the greens' springs are a wonderful resistance, and the o-rings make typing sound and feel finely engineered.

Space bar can be a tad noiser (o-rings can't cover every inch of it) when you hit it from the side instead of closer to the middle, but them's the breaks.

If you're having issues with the media keys on mac with Spotify, check this out: (Posted on 4/7/15)
Best Keyboard Ever Review by Kevin
I've been using this keyboard for about nine months now, and I've been completely satisfied. I love the green switches, and I'm so glad they come with sound dampeners to get rid of that clacky noise when you bottom out. Having the numpad is great. The overall quality is excellent. The only problem I've ever had was one back light LED went out, but I sent it to WASD and they shipped me a brand new keyboard. I bought color changers to put over the LED lights to make it look cooler, but the normal white lights also look very good. The media keys have proven to be useful while I'm playing a game in full screen. I've used all of the popular cherry mx switches before, and greens are my total favorite (with clears as a close second). If you like the 80cn force, this keyboard will be perfect for you! (Posted on 4/2/15)
LOVE this keyboard! Review by Chikaminx
Initially it took a few moments to adjust to the spacing of the keys (different from my old one, which seemed closer together particularly the numbered row above the letters) BUT I love this keyboard. It's so responsive and I love that you can turn on and off, and ADJUST the keyboard backlight. Awesome! I haven't even touched on the possibilities of this keyboard yet, but look forward to finding more functionality later once my requirements increase. (Posted on 3/5/15)
Great keyboard, Green switches or Clears both very satisfying, O-rings a must. Review by Dan
This is my second green switch code, I really like the greens, its personal preference of course but very satisfying.

I use the green switch at home and the clears at work, I find both enjoyable.

Overall build quality is excellent, feels weighty and heavy, doesn't move on my desk, easily an endgame MKB. DIP switch for binding CAPS to Ctrl and toggling OS key are killer features, really sets this keyboard apart from others.

Despite this, a few cons worth mentioning that WASD might consider, thought none of this a deal breaker:
- This is the second keyboard from WASD with a squeaky backspace key, you can fix this with $2 lube but for $150+ this should never be a concern on a new keyboard.
- Options for thicker O-rings should be available for greens, not just red o-rings but the blue ones as well should be an option
- No O-ring option on the clears variant.
I know you can get O-rings cheaper than what WASD sells them for ($2 on Amazon as opposed to $18) so I'm unclear on their decision to sell the clear variant without O-ring option, so I end up putting my own on which is a pain/time consuming.
- If you go down the rabbit hole on MKBs you will discover PBT vs ABS keys, offering a doubleshot PBT option at a competitive price (under $30) would be a great option to see.
- Again going down the rabbit hole, Gateron switches are a thing, Cherry MX compatible and they are also an enjoyable alternative, would be cool to see this offered from WASD too.

Great keyboard, love WASD, great quality, this is my 3rd (sold my second green to an office mate) and both the clear and greens are my favorite switches. (Posted on 3/4/15)
Perfect for daily typing Review by Michael
Wanted/needed a high quality keyboard for work at home.. this is it.. keystrokes feel great, have reduced my typing errors significantly, An absolute pleasure to type on 14+ hours a day! (Posted on 2/11/15)

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