CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX GreenCODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green
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Great keyboard, Green switches or Clears both very satisfying, O-rings a must. Review by Dan
This is my second green switch code, I really like the greens, its personal preference of course but very satisfying.

I use the green switch at home and the clears at work, I find both enjoyable.

Overall build quality is excellent, feels weighty and heavy, doesn't move on my desk, easily an endgame MKB. DIP switch for binding CAPS to Ctrl and toggling OS key are killer features, really sets this keyboard apart from others.

Despite this, a few cons worth mentioning that WASD might consider, thought none of this a deal breaker:
- This is the second keyboard from WASD with a squeaky backspace key, you can fix this with $2 lube but for $150+ this should never be a concern on a new keyboard.
- Options for thicker O-rings should be available for greens, not just red o-rings but the blue ones as well should be an option
- No O-ring option on the clears variant.
I know you can get O-rings cheaper than what WASD sells them for ($2 on Amazon as opposed to $18) so I'm unclear on their decision to sell the clear variant without O-ring option, so I end up putting my own on which is a pain/time consuming.
- If you go down the rabbit hole on MKBs you will discover PBT vs ABS keys, offering a doubleshot PBT option at a competitive price (under $30) would be a great option to see.
- Again going down the rabbit hole, Gateron switches are a thing, Cherry MX compatible and they are also an enjoyable alternative, would be cool to see this offered from WASD too.

Great keyboard, love WASD, great quality, this is my 3rd (sold my second green to an office mate) and both the clear and greens are my favorite switches. (Posted on 3/4/15)
Perfect for daily typing Review by Michael
Wanted/needed a high quality keyboard for work at home.. this is it.. keystrokes feel great, have reduced my typing errors significantly, An absolute pleasure to type on 14+ hours a day! (Posted on 2/11/15)
Great Keyboard, Make sure you are used to stiff switches Review by k386
Love the Code, its my second WASD keyboard and can't say enough good things about this.

Moving from my WASD v2 with Browns to the Code with Greens has been a pretty massive change, and I'm still adjusting but welcoming the change. Getting my fingers used the the new bounce has made me a little more careful and a little slower - at this point - but I feel I'm getting the feeling that my touch typing is actually improving.

I'm happy with my choice, no complaints at all; but if you are coming from softer switches be wary of the adjustment. (Posted on 2/1/15)
Hands down the best keyboard I have ever owned Review by Ky
After escaping the horrors that is the Razor Black Widow (MX-blue), this keyboard is what I have wanted in a keyboard for quite some time. It just works. Imagine that! A keyboard that doesn't require a cloud account, or constantly pestering you to install its software. The keyboard is straight to the point and means business and I can see myself sticking with WASD for quite some time now.

The Green switches are exactly what I have been looking for, and the O-rings that came installed made it a much more enjoyable typing experience. SO much so, that over the past month I have found myself relocating this keyboard to various pc's just because of the overall quality and simplicity it offers combined with the amazing Cherry-MX Green switches.

Next order of business is to rescue my friends trapped on bloated sub-standard keyboards and send them a couple of Codes :D (Posted on 1/9/15)
Great Keyboard Review by GSP
This is a great keyboard. The praise is well-deserved and I don't have much to add. My only request for a future version would be a USB port pass though. (Posted on 12/24/14)
Bestest Most Awesomness Ever Created by Humankind! Review by thedirtypaw
So i had a Mionix Zibal so far, and it was great but it suffered some abuse and some of the keys gave out. So i got the green mx from CODE and its wonderful! i love the actuator, the click, the lights, the simplicity - EVERYTHING!

I Think the absolutely only thing it misses is a proper usb braided cable (it just comes with a normal one) but srsly thats no even a point. Maybe move the leds for caps & stuff a little higher, align them to the top of the top row of keys so you can see the leds better if you're laying back a little bit...

After you start typing or playing on this baby you won't care WHAT you're doing exactly as long as you keep typing :D

I also love it that its as heavy as the zibal, doesnt move from the table although it sits with the right side on the mouse pad and left side on the table, and the surface is a bit grungy so it doesnt feel like cheap plastic.

It's awesome and i love it and it's totally worth the money! (Posted on 12/23/14)
Solid keyboard with convenient function keys Review by Chris
This is my first mechanical keyboard and I don't think I could have started with a better keyboard. I primarily use this keyboard for coding and it's sensational to type on.

To start with the keys, I purchased a sampler kit of the mx switches to test the greens since I'd heard some people considered them too heavy to type with. I was worried about this since the last thing I'd want is my fingers to tire out when working. Thankfully, they were not and now I don't even notice the weight behind them. As long as you have some strength in your pinkie finger I would recommend the greens over blues. (I'm used to playing guitar so it ended up not being an issue for me)

The keyboard itself is built nice and solid; you can really feel the metal back plate providing support for the keyboard. Definitely a step up from the flimsy plastic ones I'm used to.

The four feet on the bottom also hold it in firmly in place, although I feel the keys are at a perfect height without the added angle. This was actually a bit of an issue as a key cap I ordered for the escape key was too short compared to the rest of the keys to comfortably keep. However, I opted to put back the original key to keep the aesthetic of the CODE Keyboard.

My only other complaint would be that it can be annoying to change the dip switches in the back since you have to disconnect the keyboard before doing so. I really only change the third one (changes Caps-Lock key to another Shift key) between when I'm at work and when I get home. On the same note, I wish I didn't have to give up the menu key for access to the function key.

Other than that, I love my full length CODE keyboard! (Posted on 12/2/14)
Heavenly typing Review by Psy-Q
I ordered one with a set of Cherry MX Brown switches, and I think my fingers met their perfect partner. I've adjusted to touch-typing without bottoming out, and now my fingers are neither stiff nor exhausted in the evening. I write thousands of words a day, but my employer insisted on a cheap rubber-dome based keyboard. Now I bought this with my own money, and I have no regrets.

Due to the no-nonsense hardware setup, I can repair this thing myself, so it's likely that with perhaps a bag or two of spare parts, it'll remain usable for 5, 10, 15 years. Planned obsolescence? Not here! (Posted on 12/1/14)
First Mechanical Keyboard, Quite impressed Review by Jeff E.
I'm typing this review right now on my Cherry MX Green! This was my first mechanical keyboard, and I must say I'll probably continue using WASD Keyboards for permanent workstations moving forward. I'm a programmer, and have really enjoyed the action that I get from each keystroke. Other people in my company had the Cherry MX Clear, and liked the fact that the Green was a bit quieter but still gave a very comfortable feel when typing. I have optimized the keyboard settings to work well with Mac OSX. As such, its a familiar feel and haven't lost too much momentum with the switch. A couple of small qualms:

- The Next/Previous song keys (Fn + End, Fn + Delete) don't seem to work with Spotify
- I had problems understanding the relevant differences between the different "Colors" of the keyboards (Green, Clear, Red, etc.). I think the site should do a better job of making the differences apparent

Overall very satisfied! (Posted on 11/29/14)
Loving it Review by debbyglee
I've been a software engineer and gamer over a quarter of a century, and I've been too cheap to buy a quality keyboard. What a mistake. Typing on this keyboard feels almost as good as flooring it at 3 A.M. on a long, straight stretch of road.

I learned to touch type in school on a manual typewriter, but through years of using lots of flat, too sensitive keyboards, I'd lost all of the good habits I learned all those years ago in high school. As soon as I started typing on this, they all magically came back.

The click is a beautiful sound, and the resistance is perfect. My touch typing has improved, and I suspect that the resistance and click are tapping into some old physical memories that haven't been used in quite a while.

I'll quit gushing now and add a caveat. If you are used to low-profile keyboards, you will for sure want to order a wrist rest with this. I've ordered one for myself, just in case my current ecstasy erodes into wrist fatigue. (Posted on 11/28/14)

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