CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX GreenCODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green
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Elegant and understated Review by Rob
This is my first mechanical keyboard. I looked at just about every other mech keyboard out there, but couldn't find one that met my tastes. There's no shortage of options, but with the focus on gamers a lot of the boards out there are just horrendous. I am a gamer but that doesn't mean I want pulsating LEDs or an illuminated snake on my space bar! The Code keyboard is a thing of simple beauty. No branding, no gimmicks. The backlighting is perfect, the build quality is first rate and it's a joy to type on. I would have preferred Cherry Blues for gaming, but for coding and general use the Greens are excellent. (Posted on 8/31/14)
Great Keyboard! Review by Devin A.
I am very impressed with the Code Keyboard v2. I own several Das Keyboard Professional keyboards and i must say that I enjoy typing on the Code Keyboard very much. I like that the keyboard lights up at night if i need to be able to see the keys. Also when pressing they keys the feedback is great. The keyboard has great sound, not to loud but you get enough clicking to enjoy typing on it. I highly recommend the keyboard to anyone looking for a keyboard. The only thing I wish the keyboard had was USB 3.0 ports but i can deal for now without. (Posted on 8/19/14)
Excellent keyboard Review by Michael
Used an IBM Model M some 19 years ago, and the CODE with MX Greens feels very similar to the Model M (as I remember it)!
Great keyboard.. solid and heavy. Keys don't wiggle around, audible 'click' is just right - not too loud. Key-press pressure and feel is perfect for my typing style.
The look of the keyboard is very nice as well. The matte-black finish, subtle back-lighting and small Num-Caps-Scroll Lock indicators along with no logo is beautiful.
Side note: Kudos to WASD customer service (specifically Mr. David W.)
I had a slight issue with a few key caps not sounding as they should, and David W. promptly diagnosed the problem and send me replacement caps and rings, which I received the very next day - WOW! Very impressed! That's customer service! (Posted on 8/4/14)
What a sunning piece of gear Review by thatbaldguy
Look, I'm old enough to have actually owned an IBM model M keyboard. This is the closest thing I've experienced to that, but with so much more awesome...seriously, I can't articulate how impressed I am with this input device. My partner (who has never touched a "real" keyboard) couldn't stop typing nonsense on it, just for the pleasure of the tactile feedback.

I can't gush enough enough about this keyboard. It's an IBM model M with light-up keys! Nothing outside of a movie with "TRON" in the title could be better. (Posted on 7/28/14)
Excellent Keyboard Review by anacy
I took several days before writing this review so I could have some experience typing on it before giving my opinion. This is a solid keyboard. I had heard several reviews on cherry green switches, and I have to admit, after using blues on my last keyboard I wasn't sure if the greens were going to be too heavy. Several reviews I had read said that greens were 'too heavy'. I really enjoy the greens. It does take a couple of days to get used to them, but the combination of the greens and the o-rings provides an excellent typing experience. I don't know quite how to explain the feeling when typing on this keyboard with the green switches, but it has a much smoother and quality feel to them than lighter switches. I also feel that I'm a little more accurate when typing with the greens. You may not be able to type quite as fast, but I think you make up for the loss of speed with making fewer mistakes. The back light is also a very nice addition. It is beautifully done. It doesn't look tacky at all, like a lot of those gaming keyboards with back lights. This keyboard is truly a pleasure to type on. This keyboard is definitely worth the money, and I would recommend it anyone. (Posted on 3/12/14)
CODE versus Model M Review by Dale
I bought a CODE green to replace an old IBM Model M, which is still one of the best keyboards ever made, so this review is also a comparision of the two keyboards.

Initial impressions of the CODE green:

Packaging is simple, clean, and well done. It makes me feel like I'm getting something worth what I paid.

It's black, sleek, heavy. It weights about 3 lbs, so it's not going to slide around on my desk without me purposely pushing it. It's all black, with the key cap lettering being a dark gray. The only stickers are on the bottom, the top is completely devoid of any sort of advertising.

Minimal. Clean lines. Tight. Underneath is the same.

The first few keystrokes were, well, different than the Model M. Different sound, not the solid "click" of the M, more like a "snick". Some of the keys have a rasping noise, like maybe they need some lubrication or something. Maybe 20 years of pounding on the Model M keys have smoothed things out. The keys are all in the right place, though, not like some keyboards where the keys are shifted a little one way or the other inviting mistyping.

Comparing the CODE green to the Model M;


The Model M is not pretty, it was made in the day of beige computers. It's also large, which means it's a long reach to the mouse.

The CODE green is slick and modern looking. I suppose in 20 years, I'll be saying it was made in the day of black computers. It is almost as heavy as the M, but has a much smaller footprint on the desktop. The entire keyboard has LED backlighting, which is awesome when working in low light conditions.


The Model M has a detachable cable. It's about 6 feet long and curly and beige. It has a PS/2 connector. I've added a high-quality USB adapter since almost no computers have PS/2 connectors anymore. The cable attaches in the middle of the keyboard.

The CODE green has a 5' USB cable, micro USB on one end, regular USB on the other. It also attaches in the middle of the keyboard, but underneath, there is a groove to route the cable to come out of the keyboard in 5 different places to fit better on the desktop.

Key layout:

The CODE green has the same layout as the Model M, but -- and it's a big but -- the characters on some of the key caps are in the wrong place, especially on the symbol keys. The characters are side-by-side rather than up and down, so it's

3 #

rather than


This makes a surprising difference in readability, and not in a good way. This was done for the backlighting, but really, how hard could it be to figure out how to arrange the characters properly and backlight them correctly? The double and triple wide keys (shift, enter, backspace, etc) have the character in the middle of the key rather than on the left corner, again for backlightling. Same here, how hard could it be to move the led over a little and put the character in the right place? Now this really isn't something CODE or WASD has any control over, it's the way the Cherry key switches are made, but still, these are keyboard switches for a high-end keyboard, they need to be right.

Things the Model M has that the CODE green doesn't:

Labels on the lock lights. Not a big deal, I think.

Easy disassembly. I take my M's apart once or twice a year to clean out the crud that accumulates under the keys. I have no idea how to take apart the CODE green. It looks like the top and bottom snap together somehow. There are no screws visible anywhere. I found some documentation on a forum somewhere about how to take it apart. There was a disclaimer that doing so voids your warranty.

Exchangable key caps. This doesn't matter to me, I've always used a QWERTY layout (QWERTY, that's fun to type!). If you use Dvorak, it's easy to switch around the key caps to be where they should be. I'm not sure where the key caps come from, Cherry or CODE. I'm guessing Cherry since WASD doesn't have any key caps on their website that allow for backlighting. So this could be another area where CODE doesn't have a choice, they get what Cherry has.

Things the CODE green has that the Model M doesn't:

Backlighting. This is useful, I code in low-light and in the dark fairly often. I'm a pretty good touch typist, but there are a few keys that I don't know by touch since I don't use them often, like ^ or %. A quick glance and I can see they are on the 6 and 5 keys respectively. I can't do that in the dark with the M.

Media control switches. This is sort of useful, I guess. I run Linux and have keyboard shortcuts set up already to run my media player. I never did figure out why people needed special keys for this on the keyboard, just set up shortcuts and call it done.

Built in support for Dvorak and Colemak. As I mentioned above, the key caps really aren't rearrangable. Like the media control switches, I'm not sure this is a necessary feature since most operating systems let you choose anyway. I suppose having built-in hardware support is somehow better than software support.

Switching around of the Control and Caps Lock key. Personally, I think this is just dumb, but for some reason, some people want it. The Model M has them in the right place, and out of the box, so does the CODE. I use Ctrl Z X C V B N A S D G W E R all the time (jEdit shortcuts) and having the Control key where it belongs is a must.

Smaller desktop footprint. From the middle of the "J" key to the right edge of the M is exactly 12 inches. It's 11 inches on the CODE green. That inch makes a significant difference when reaching for the mouse. I'm really looking forward to the 87 key model that eliminates the number pad altogether. Then the mouse will be an even close reach.

Cord placement, which I talked about already.

Complaints about the CODE keyboards -- not the green specifically since there aren't any reviews for it yet when I wrote this. I picked these up from the reviews for the CODE clear.

Too tall. Some people complain the keyboard sits too high from the desk surface. It's actually lower than the Model M:

Desktop to top of space bar, CODE: 1.25", Model M: 1 5/16"
Desktop to top of escape key, CODE: 2", Model M: 2 3/8"

It seems fine to me.

Keys rubbing. I don't have that problem, although the backspace key seemed a little stiff at first and still has a little bit of a squeeky noise.

Menu key versus function key. I read several reviews where people said they'd like both, but the dip switches allow only one or the other. I have mine set to function key -- the Model M doesn't have a menu key so I've never gotten used to using it.

Character placement on the key caps. I'm not the only one who thinks this is a flaw.

So bottom line, is it worth it? If you don't own a Model M, then yes. This is a high quality keyboard designed for people who use a keyboard all day everyday. If you already own a Model M, then maybe not, although this is probably the keyboard you want if you ever have to replace your M. This is a great keyboard, but there is some room for improvement, so I'm giving it 4 stars.
(Posted on 2/12/14)
Well built keyboard that's a pleasure to use Review by Scott
I am a relative newcomer to mechanical keyboards, having been disappointed with membrane-based keyboards. I purchased a Corsair Vengeance a couple months ago (Cherry MX Red with blue backlighting) and more recently the Code 104-key w/ Cherry MX Green.

The keyboard is solidly built and the Cherry MX greens provide great resistance and tactile feedback. Since I have an office at work, the clicky sound (dampened by red Ok-rings) is not a problem and provide good feedback. My wife would like to get one, but she works in a cube farm, so we're waiting for the next batch of Cherry MX Clear for her to try.

Overall, it is a fabulous keyboard, though I have two issues:

1. The fact that you must choose between the Menu key or a Function key is painful. I use the menu key often enough to make it my default, but I lose the ability to change the backlighting level unless I change the DIP switch, "reboot" the keyboard (unplug and replug USB), change the dim level, then flip the DIP switch back and "reboot" again. With two OS keys, why not choose to map one of those instead of the menu key?

2. The second issue is security. This is an expensive keyboard, and while I have a lock on my office door, my wife is worried that if she brings one into work, it might sprout feet and disappear. Given the steel backplane the keyboard has, it would be great if it had a laptop lock port so it doesn't have the opportunity to vanish.

Other than these two issues, I expect the keyboard to last my lifetime, and like the fact that I can service it if needed. I would have given it 4.5 stars if that was an option. If there's a software patch I can use to allow for both a menu and a function key, I would give it 5 stars. (Posted on 2/7/14)
Thoroughly Satisfied Review by Ben
A little background, I own a Filco Majestouch 104 (Cherry MX Brown) and a Leopold 87 (Cherry MX Brown). I have used a Deck Legend (Cherry MX Black), Corsair K90 (Cherry MX Red), and a Monoprice 9433 (Cherry MX Blue)

When I first saw the CODE I thought for sure that the Cherry MX Clear switches would have been right up my ally. With the upcoming release of this keyboard following the supply shortage of the MX Clear version I researched MX Green switches and was skeptical at first about their 80cN actuation force and whether I would like the feel coming from the 35cN activation force on the browns. I ended up pulling the trigger anyways.

I must say after 15 to 20 minutes on the this keyboard it was like falling in love with my first mechanical keyboard all over again. I really liked the click of the MX Blue switches and these are even better. The keyboard is extremely smooth to type on and very quiet with the dampeners.

Backlighting I have missed since my Logitech G15 back in the day and this keyboard does a great job filling that void in the mechanical keyboard market. The 7 brightness settings offer a good range of illumination from visible in the dark to blinding.

I know others have commented on the height and ergonomics of the MX Clear version, I found both of these aspects to be well within range of my expectations.

The quality of this keyboard seems outstanding to me, very solid, tight, and accurate.

I only have 2 qualms with this keyboard and they aren't enough to drop a star off in my opinion.
1) As others have mentioned on the MX Clear version the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock indicators are quite close to the top row of the 10 key.
2) The loss of the "Right-Click Key" next to the right OS key when the function dip-switch is toggled is unfortunate although I understand why it is set up this way.

Overall I am very impressed with this keyboard and although expensive, worth the money if you appreciate a fine typing experience. (Posted on 2/4/14)

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