CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

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CODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX GreenCODE 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green
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Best keyboard I've ever used Review by Lost Architect
The build quality on this keyboard is so far the best I've seen yet. It has some weight to it (Similar weight to my Zotac 1070 Amp!) Will definitely purchase another one when the time comes. (Posted on 3/22/17)
Noisy and I love it! Review by Murrphy
I've had my Code keyboard with Cherry Green switches for a couple of weeks now and I love it! I spent weeks trying to decide if I wanted to drop this much coin on a keyboard and I'm very glad I finally decided to. It is nice to be able to type on a quality keyboard again and I've noticed that my typing speed has increased back to where it once was (the last time I had a good keyboard). (Posted on 2/6/17)
Terrible Keycaps Ruined Product for Me Review by Jeff
(I tried to post this a moment ago, but ran into an error because I won't accept cookies on my main browser. Hopefully this time it will take.)

I bought this keyboard in November 2014 to use when I travel (since the buckling-spring keyboard I use at my office is too bulky and heavy to take with me). After a few months of moderate use, the top of the E keycap was completely worn away, and the N, O, and up and right arrow keys showed considerable wear. I put the keyboard away after that, because it was just too damned depressing to think about what I had paid for a keyboard that wore so badly.

I finally thought to contact WASD's support a few months ago to complain. They offered to replace the worn keycaps and later (after I objected) to send me a complete replacement set. But I fail to see the point of replacing keycaps that didn't stand up to moderate use with another set that were made the same way. And the thought of spending another $40 for the higher-quality "double-shot" keycaps (which are not currently in stock, makes me ill.

(Posted on 8/5/16)
Happy Customer Review by noofny
Love the build quality, love the feel, love the look and love the sound. I also love that everyone around me hates the sound. (Posted on 7/6/16)
High quality keyboard Review by RandomGuy
I went from a Filco Majestouch to this keyboard. The build quality was noticeably better. I noticed immediately after unboxing that it was heavy and solid. Cherry Greens are a good switch and the backlighting is crisp. I wish there were some cool backlight features like Ducky Shine keyboards.

Main downside is that it cost a fortune to buy from Canada because of the weak dollar and the import duties. (Posted on 7/27/15)
Clackety clack! The sound of happiness :-) Review by ve7tfx
You can't beat Cherry keyswitches. I grew up on the Courier 3270 clone terminals at the U of Alberta, which had the most amazing keyboards I have ever typed on. They needed reasonably good pressure to get moving, didn't 'click' on the way up or down, and when you bottomed them out it felt like you were hitting granite! :-)

The WASD CODE is the closest I come to replicating that experience. I still have the sound dampeners on mine, so the keystrokes don't quite have that solid stop at the bottom I loved, but it's close enough that I haven't been motivated to rip off all the key caps to remove them.

And at work, the dampeners also quiet things down, which I'm sure my office mates appreciate. (Yes, I made $WORK buy me one as well!)

But the other thing I love about the CODE is the dip switch setting that hard wires Caps Lock as a Control key. While I have learned every invocation of xmodmap, setxkbmap, MacOS defaults, and the like, there always ends up being something you plug into that just won't let you remap the keyboard. With the CODE, that's no longer an issue, and that's reason enough – all by itself – to buy one of these beasts.

The only downside is that if I get custom keycaps made (I want the APL glyphs) I will lose the backlit keycap legends.

(Posted on 5/15/15)
THE best keyboard I've ever had the pleasure to use Review by ryancnap
So I'll start the review off by saying this is my first ever mechanical keyboard. I've used some cheapie razors, but nothing special. I'm teaching myself software development so I type alot, for long periods of time; I wanted the best of the best. I looked into topre switches but they were a little out of my price range. I bit the bullet and bought this keyboard after reading and re-reading the article on Jeff Atwood's blog. It was worth every penny and then some.

You can tell there's a steel plate in this keyboard; it's heavy, and it's solid, and that's the way I like any equipment. From the key material to the weight to flip-out legs on the underside, everything about this feels very, very solid, like you could smash at the keys for a couple days on end, then go knock somebody out with it and happily go back to typing. Even the rubber feet on the underside feel incredibly high quality.

I'm still getting used to coming from a low-profile rubber-dome laptop keyboard, but quickly getting used to (and loving) the decreased travel distance on the Code. I'm also getting used to not bottoming out the keys, but honestly both bottoming out and not bottoming out, either way the board sounds and feels GREAT. The backlight settings go from a range of incredibly, barely on low, to incredibly blindingly bright, and there's plenty of happy mediums in between.

The charger cable is sturdy, high quality, and has some really good length to it, which I was pleased about. One final note about the switches. I was debating between blues and greens, having never used mechanical switches before. I can't say anything for blues as I've never used them, but I'm so glad I got a board with green switches: it's like typing on a tank. I'm very heavy-handed when I type, I bottom out on everything I type on, sometimes my laptop keyboard sounds as loud as the 'click' from the mechanical board; if you type very heavily, get the greens. It's just at the right point where you can easily avoid bottoming out (I'm going a little slower this way but getting quicker) or you can go full force and it's got just enough resistance to not slow you down at all and feel great.

All in all this is seriously the perfect keyboard, for me anyway. No logos, no windows flag on the keys (recently placed an order for a set of two custom meta-keys), very minimalistic coloring, design, and backlighting is done right (so many other boards screw this up horrendously). Thanks wasd keyboards and Jeff Atwood, for the keyboard I've always been looking for. I'll be buying the same model with clear switches sometime soon :) (Posted on 5/8/15)
its like typing with butter churned by jesus himself Review by Bill
i love this keyboard, im going to be sad when i wear it out 10/10 worth the money. (Posted on 3/25/15)
Excelent keyboard Review by Piotr
10/10... really excelent keyboard. At first contact I though that mx greens was bad choice, they are so loud. I mean click sound. Clack sound is no problem (i took off those dampening o-rings, i didn't like them) But at the begining click sound was distracting and annoying. But it took only two days to not only used to this sound but love it. Its awesome. I have sesnation that this sound changed by those two days but this is probably matter of my perception.

Now I am very satisfied.

Feeling of tactile click is great.
Stiffness is great.
Quality of key caps is great.
Sound is great.
Overall quality is great.

My keyboard is used by few more people and all says that this is great keyboard with great feeling.

The only thing we don't agree with each others is that some people including me prefer keyboard without dampening orings, and others prefere them.

One more thing about o-rings. They removes clack sound only so i think this can be good choice for mx clears. But in case of mx greens they still doesn't allow to use this keyboard in small office because click sound still exist.

I love this keyboard.
(Posted on 3/6/15)
Everything I hoped it would be Review by Dunkirk
Everyone loves this keyboard, and I do too. (I suppose we're pre-selecting ourselves to review with bias, but whatever.) I had a version with clear switches, because I was going to use the keyboard at work, and didn't want to bother my coworkers with a clicky keyboard, but found their lack of "click" to be less than appealing, and wound up working from home most of the time anyway, so I got the version with greens, and I'm very glad I did. I find it to be a much more satisfying typing experience.

The pre-installed o-rings make it quieter than it would be without them, but not in the way I expected. I had been dubious about o-rings, but now I see how they work. They don't silence the click of the switch, of course. Rather, they quiet the bottom-out "thunk." I like that part of the motion, and may remove the o-rings. On the other hand, I note this to point out that, with the o-rings installed, I wouldn't have a problem taking the keyboard to work on the occasions that I do go in. For this reason, I may leave them installed.

What I love most about the CODE design are the dip switches. I have Windows, Mac, and Linux-based computers, and will use the keyboard, at various times, with all of them. This is significant for two reasons. First, I can easily switch the "OS key" between a Windows key or an Option key. Also, since about 1998 (after working with a lot of Sun equipment), I have always remapped the CAPS LOCK to CTRL through software. With this keyboard, I don't have to. (Posted on 2/28/15)

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