*OPEN BOX* CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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*OPEN BOX* CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear*OPEN BOX* CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Satisfied customer Review by Arne
This is my second code keyboard. I got one for work, and got tired of packing it home every week. The Cherry MX Clear keys are a nice balance, but everyone has different hands, so try a few to see what will work best for you.

My particular open box looked brand new with a package that was showing some signs of wear. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this model has a backlight that works perfectly. My original (new) code keyboard exhibits an occasional flashing of the backlight and loses connection with the computer. I'm not sure if it is the work environment or the keyboard, but this open box model has worked perfectly for me. Highly recommended! (Posted on 4/23/18)
Great keyboard but .. Review by Corvi
some of the keys get stuck every once in a while, specially the shift key. If there is a simple fix for it, let me know

Please do email us if you are having any issues with the keyboard, and we'll take care of it. (Posted on 3/26/18)
Great keyboard Review by champted
I've been using mechanical keyboards since Northgate's OmniKey line came out. This CODE with the Cherry MX Clear keys is the first one I've used since I retired the Northgate that I like as much. Got it open-box, saved some money, and I can't tell it from brand-new. Nice work, WASD. I'll be recommending this. (Posted on 3/2/18)
First time buyer - No complaints Review by Matt
This is the first mechanical keyboard I've ever owned and I have to say that it does not disappoint. I've never been able to justify spending $100-200 on something like this but I have to say that it does make quite the difference in typing.

I purchased the open box and it was in excellent condition. I noticed that there is a few audible clicks from pressing and releasing a key but that might just be me not being fully used to a mech keyboard :) (Posted on 3/2/18)
Great Keyboard Review by Michael
I bought the Open Box, and really you cannot tell it was even opened. It was in mint if not brand new condition. Perfectly clean as well - very impressed! (Posted on 2/11/18)
a great keyboard Review by Mark
I bought this keyboard to use at work. It was the best purchase I could have made. I decided to splurge a little on a keyboard since I'm at my desk all day. It was well worth it. I love the MX clear switches. (Posted on 2/9/18)
A lovely keyboard to code on Review by Kyle
I bought this to replace a buckling spring Unicomp Keyboard where a few of the springs were starting to get finicky. I also wanted something a little easier on my coworkers ears. This fit the bill. The MX Clear switches have a nice tactile bump to them while remaining relatively quiet, especially compared to the buckling spring keyboard I had been using.

The only nitpick I can make is that there is a little "ringing" sound that comes from pressing or releasing a key (probably the steel plate resonating with the impact of the key?). I was able to deaden some of it with some blue rubber O-Rings on the keycaps but it's still audible on releasing a key. Not a big problem by any means, but worth knowing about.

All in all it's a fantastic keyboard with a simple look that I'm a big fan of. (Posted on 8/24/17)
Hands down best keyboard I have ever used Review by Jones
I have been using mechanical keyboards for years now. I have always gotten a new one every so often as I have not found one that I feel is fully comfortable and satisfactory until I purchased this code. I picked up the 104-key for work and the TKL version for home both with Cherry MX Clear switches and I absolutely love them.

Most of the time, the backlighting on the keyboards is either too bright or too dim, the lighting on the code is adjustable and I found the perfect balance so that the keys are illuminated without giving off a crazy glow.

I will be recommending the code to everyone I know that is in the market for a mech keyboard. (Posted on 9/3/16)

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