Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE (1.0ml Packet)

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Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE (1.0ml Packet)Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE (1.0ml Packet)
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Does what it says on the tin Review by Matthew
Fixed some squeaky stabilizers, got that smooth motion back. (Posted on 3/28/18)
Exactly what I needed! Review by Hotrian
One of my cats spilled soda on my keyboard :(. I don't normally keep soda on my desk, but a friend had set his can down on my desk while he used the restroom. I was able to clean the entire keyboard GENTLY with some Isopropyl Alcohol, and got my keyboard working like new! No sticky or misfiring keys. Unfortunately, cleaning the keyboard also took away the lubricant that comes with it. My keys worked fine, but my larger keys missed a certain smoothness in their action. I was able to restore the beautiful glide on my WASD keyboard's keys by applying this lubricant to the Keycap Stabilizer Inserts. Now my whole keyboard feels like new again :).

I bought two packets just so I would have extra for future use, but I easily could have gotten away with just one. I applied grease to each of the larger keys on my keyboard and easily have enough for 5 or 6 more keyboards. I probably over lubed, but I haven't been having any issues with my keyboard so I think it's just fine :).

Lastly, it's a little hard to tell from the photo of this product, but the packet actually has a tear away line that crosses over a little nozzle point. You can see it in the packet in the background, but the foreground packet appears to have been cut by scissors to create a more dramatic effect. If you look closely at the packet in the background, you can see the interior of the packet forms a nozzle near the end, which is meant to be torn open using the tear line. This creates a very easy and effective way to dispense this lube. I just wanted to point out for any future potential purchasers that this packet is very handy and easy to dispense exactly where you desire.

Overall, an easy 10/10 would lube again!

Thanks for making this available for purchase at such a reasonable price WASD! (Posted on 12/23/16)
L-Über Effective! Review by xILubez
Great for getting into those tiny gaps (Posted on 10/3/15)
Luberific Review by Dark
8/8 lubed me right up, would use on all 'keyboards' with a good rub. I used it on Spud key last night and it made it all smooth and not rough. I have had no issues as the small hole helps me a lot.

Would buy again (Posted on 9/30/15)
Amazing, 10/10 would lube again. Review by Spud
This lube really did the trick for my sticky keys. It's a cheap and effective method to ease any issue you may have with your keyboard. 10/10 from me. (Posted on 9/30/15)
Lube! Review by BT
There are so many kinds of lube out there, but I trusted WASD to provide a high quality lube for the components of my keyboard. I only used this on the stabilizers, but it works well. The grease is thick and the packet has a small hole that it funnels the lube through, but a fine paintbrush is still recommended. My stabilized keys are a little less noisy now.

Good job WASD for offering a small amount of lube for a small price. (Posted on 7/29/15)
Did the trick Review by Char
Had squeaky stabilizers so I bought this. Used maybe 1/8th of the tube to get them all, definitely worth. (Posted on 7/23/15)
Nice Review by Cribbs
Cheap and effective, would say realistically you can lube closer to 3-4 keyboards instead of the 10 stated. (Posted on 12/30/14)

8 Item(s)

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