*OPEN BOX* CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown

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*OPEN BOX* CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown*OPEN BOX* CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown
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Perfect condition, great keyboard Review by G Cooper
I opted for an open-box CODE keyboard with Cherry MX Browns, plus O-rings.

The keyboard was in perfect cosmetic condition despite the general caveat that open-box products may have cosmetic defects. There were zero signs of any use at all. I was prepared to accept scratches, so I am pleasantly surprised. The keyboard is also mechanically new / in perfect condition. 5.5 out of 5.

As for the CODE 104-key in general, this is a great keyboard for serious business use. Used for system administration, programming, and general purpose. It feels great and looks great. The lack of distracting branding is the right decision.

With the backlight off, from a distance, it has the appearance of a completely blank/black keyboard ala "das keyboard." But in typing position, the unlit grey-on-black key labels are visible after all. I once considered a completely blank keyboard, but decided it would be senseless and just "showing off" with a loss of usability. It turns out key labels are there for a reason even if you've been using a keyboard for 30 years. Sometimes I press a key combo in a standing position and need to be sure.

I use this in all brightness conditions with the brightness on minimum. The backlight has the added feature of letting me know when the keyboard is ready to use when I switch to another computer via a KVM. When the backlight returns and is steady for a second, it's ready.

Browns + 0.4mm O-rings seem to be a good combo. It's acceptable for night use w/ family in adjacent rooms. Lighter typing yields quieter typing w/ browns. Also fine in cubicle environments - no complaints. (Posted on 2/20/18)
Solid product at discounted price Review by Sabe
The open box CODE keyboard is exactly what I'd hoped for--a high performing, backlit mechanical keyboard at an affordable price! Its being an open box product appears not to have diminished its quality in the slightest. (Posted on 1/18/18)
Solid, well designed keyboard Review by AH
Picked up this keyboard as it seemed good for those looking for a mechanical keyboard 1) not designed by a 13-year old boy, 2) supporting multiple OSs (I use both Windows and MacOS), and 3) choice of switches.

It was a great choice! Solid keyboard, excellent build, good feel while typing. Really nice to look at with the minimal design and plain white backlight. The switches on the keyboard made it easy to set up for my OS of choice, and the keycaps are easy to move to reflect the different OS layouts.

I really like the fn/media key modifier on the right side to easily use the insert/home group for music control while I work. I also like a full numpad, so that's a great feature.

I'm likely to pick up a second one for home, since this one is at the office.

There are two points that surprised me, but they aren't problems with the keyboard itself, just my lack of experience:

1) The brown switches are less tactile than I expected from the description - not much 'bump' feeling. I'd recommend getting a switch sample or trying some out at a store unless you know what you want already. I had tried reds on a friend's keyboard, and do prefer the higher resistance on browns, so I'm happy with them in the end.

2) The switches are quiet (not clicky), but there's definitely some noise from the keycaps when the keys bottom out as you type. If you want a very quiet keyboard, I'd recommend trying the noise dampers. I'm likely to do this when I get one for home use. (Posted on 10/24/16)
Great Backlit for a More Mature Audience. Review by Fillin Out A Review.
I do a lot of computer work by monitor light only. White is a good color. Build quality is excellent. I don't know enough about mechanical keys to have a Worthwhile opinion. I did a lot of research looking for a well built backlit keyboard. After a few months I finally decided this was the way to go. Am 100% satisfied. What I really want is a Backlit LEFT HANDED keyboard. But, those are Nonexistent as far as I can see. So, if you find yourself returning to these guys even twice, I suggest just get it already. You'll save a lot of time. (Posted on 9/17/16)

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