CODE 88-Key UK Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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CODE 88-Key UK Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX ClearCODE 88-Key UK Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Great Keyboard; Super fast shipping to the UK Review by RobC
The keyboard seems great. Have been using it for a week and love it. First time with a mechanical keyboard and can now understand what all the fuss is about.

Definitely recommended. (Posted on 6/26/17)
Excellent keyboard for programmers Review by Aerofly
This keyboard is perfect for your daily programming needs. A keyboard featuring exactly what I need to get my code into the computer.

I ordered 2 keyboards with sound dampeners installed. It took me a while until I realized, that the C and V key on one keyboard were mixed up. This is easy to fix with the included tool. (Posted on 3/28/17)
Nice Review by axniks
My first mechanical keyboard so can't really compare but very solid build and looks super nice on my desk. Two days in so still getting used to the heavier typing experience.

Quickly customised and delivered to UK, a bit steep but expected. Had not even thought about the layout being non-Mac so will now have to sort that out, hence minus one star. (Posted on 2/21/17)
Review Review by Miko
This is my second WASD keyboard, generally the quality is excellent and you get what you pay for, just very well made and can't fault them.

However...on this particular model there seems to a design flaw. That being even though you can select from many different levels of brightness, the starting and lowest brightness you can achieve is too bright.

I'm keeping the product and it's usable without causing headaches but to be 'perfect' like every other aspect of the keyboard this really needs to be improved upon.

And just so that this doesn't sound totally subjective and that I have a particularly low threshold to brightness, the lowest brightness setting on this keyboard is higher that the highest setting on my Mac Book pros backlight.

(Posted on 2/4/17)
Very good Review by AJ
As you'd expect from WASD this is a really well made keyboard: the backlighting is especially useful when working in a dimly lit office. This is one of only a very few keyboards that I've found available with Cherry MX Clear switches - which are a great alternative to the Browns. If you've not used them before they feel quite a lot like the Greens - but of course are much quieter. (Both the Cherry Clears and the Greens have a very similar feel to the old IBM Buckling Spring keys). My other keyboard uses Cherry MX Green switches - and whilst I love it (and the Green switches) it is a little loud when working in a quiet office with other people: the Clears in this keyboard however are no problem in that environment. They're not silent, of course, it's a mechanical keyboard so you're bound to have some key noise - but its very much less than the (quite sharp) sound of a Green / Blue. I've not seen any noticeable differences between my typing speed / accuracy vs. the Greens.
It's not a cheap keyboard, but if you're a professional then you want the very best tools to help you do your job. (Posted on 9/18/16)
Great KB, Delivery Unexpectedly Expensive Review by MHL
Product wise I agree with everything said by GravitasShortfall.

Warning to UK buyers:

There is a £40 customs surcharge - on top of the stated delivery price - which brings the delivery cost to almost as much as the keyboard itself. It would have been nice to have some kind of warning / info about this when making the order.

**REPLY FROM WASD: We're sorry you weren't aware of custom duties and taxes. We do have a required checkbox with a disclaimer that taxes and duties may be applicable to your order.**

(Posted on 8/30/16)
Endgame Keyboard Review by GravitasShortfall
As the title says: this is an endgame keyboard, ticking pretty much all the boxes: solid build quality, full ISO layout, backlit keys, double shots (though not PBT), customisable with switches, removable USB connector and wonderful Cherry MX Clears.

Was shipped quickly to the UK, too, so no complaints here. A bit on the pricey side, especially considering the ABS keycaps, but overall, it feels like it's worth it. (Posted on 7/28/15)

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