CODE 88-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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CODE 88-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX ClearCODE 88-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Amazing Review by Christian
This is my first mechanical keyboard, and it has exceeded all my expectations. (Posted on 7/12/18)
Clears... Review by tamino
I chose this keyboard for a cuple of reasons.
Swedish layout, with backlit switches, and tactile, non clicky switches.. (I opted for browns, but the swedish layout doesent come in browns... =( )

The keyboard itself is really good! My only complaint is that if you use the "menu"-button instead of "fn", it disables your media and backlighting controls which is somewhat of a bother.

The clear switches are a bit heavyer than I thought, but I think it will grow on me, just give it time. (Posted on 12/18/17)
Feeling!!! Review by Erla
Love it, cant stand to get back to work every day! (Posted on 9/13/17)
Absolutely love it! Review by Bjørn
I’ve been using this keyboard for 6–7 months now and I absolutely love it. It is amazing how much a keyboard can do for your coding happiness.

I’m mostly using it with my Mac, but thanks to the DIP switch underneath it, it is no problem at all swithing between Mac/Win layouts. Of course the lettering on the keys don’t exactly match the Mac layout, but I have no issues with that.

I have no idea how this keyboard could have been any better. They just got everything right with this one.

BTW: I got 40A-L Red O-Rings 0.2 mm travel reduction sound dampeners pre-installed when I ordered it. (Posted on 8/15/17)
Would be perfect with a few improvements Review by Martin
I've now used this keyboard at work for a few months.

I bought the 88-key version as I don't want to reach for the mouse.

I love the tactile feedback, but the MX Clear keys are a bit heavy. I think I should have ordered Browns.

I'm pretty happy with the keyboard but there are a few things that could be improved.

When not actively typing, I sometimes rest my left hand at the corner of the keyboard, and the corner is a little sharp, so it's uncomfortable.

Also, there is no way to be able to use the Fn key (for the media controls and more) while also being able to use the contextual menu key. I have no use for two Windows keys (the ones that are blank on this keyboard), so it would be good with a mode where the right blank key is the Fn key.

One more suggestion would be to add numeric keypad keys (to be used with software that requires it) with the Fn key combined with the alphanumeric keys, as some laptops have. While we're at it, I'd love to use Caps Lock as a modifier key when I press it together with HJKL. That would map to arrow keys so I can keep my hands on the alpha keys and move the cursor. (Posted on 6/26/17)
Keybord Zen achieved Review by Magnus MAlm
My very first mechanical keyboard and it is a bliss using it. Perfection. (Posted on 12/8/16)
Love it Review by dorf
I keep coming back to this keyboard. I have a Filco, a Ducky and others but this is the best one! (Posted on 6/2/16)
Amazing, now carrying it with me everywhere! Review by Troglobit
I'd like to revise my previous review, I literally spoke too soon ...

It was exactly like I wrote, at first I constantly went back to my old Logitech Flat-X. Only felt frustrated and annoyed by the CODE keyboard. Even went so far as to give it to my kids.

But I was still curious, so I gave it another shot and took the time to re-learn/adjust my typing slightly. And boy, am I happy I stuck with it?! I feel like I've rediscovered why I like programming so much and I'm so much more happy and productive. Weird thing to say, it's just a keyboard, or is it?

So glad I ordered one, and now I'm seriously considering buying another one for work, because whenever I forget to bring it with me I'm stuck with the old Logitech flat-x and now *that* is more frustrating to use! :-D

Now, if only WASD could create a wireless/Bluetooth version ... or accessory :) (Posted on 2/7/16)
Very unsatisfied Review by Troglobit
The keyboard in itself has very high build quality, but I've found myself going back to my old Logitech ultra-x/flat-x because I've seem to have completely lost that old-school feeling.

This makes me sad of course, not because I've lost a lot of money, but because I really hoped it would be a lift for me, as a writer. I've trained and trained again, and tested my results against several typing tests online. I'm about 30% slower with the mechanical keybard, and I my failure rate is much higher. Very frustrating.

None of this is the keyboard itself to blame for, of course. I've just lost the feeling ... again, the keyboard itself is really great! It's just me, I can't use it. (Posted on 9/3/15)
Getting things done? Try out Review by Flemming Rubini
The keyboard is excellent for me. I am used to browns, MX clears are a little harder to press down. I am not sure but I will probably shift between those two switches in the future.

The whole logistics up to my final choice, was very well assisted by the WASD-website/-team.

Some specifics for the aficionados. To be perfect for me, a keycap must be black on light-grey. There is some time consuming translation in my brain going on, when I check the writing on the key, and it is a lamp. However it is a common choice in the offices around me, they all use white on black keycaps.
It is my notion, that a white surface on a key excites the visual system making it more easier to perceive the typeface on it.
But the demand for backlightning makes it a logical choice, and the layout is very throughly thought out in that sense.

Homerow: F and J have a very small tactile mark, but it is too tiny to my liking, or to near the bottom of it.

Keyboardlyaout: As a danish user, I have to suffice with swedish layout, but is very appreciated that WASD is getting things done, more than trying to figure out have they could solve this problem with foreign layouts, ISO, nordic, etc.

Reverb: The keyboard comes with an ambient/reverb sound, pinging noise, it is not at all quiet, 0.2 cm soft o-rings (A40), should be packaged with the keyboard.

The stabilizers: the are greased.
The channel for the USB-channel: is well-designed, keeps the cable in place. Small bumps opposite each other.
The back- lightning: is from nice soft=1 to very bright=7.

[I can not figure out how to use the menu key, if it is already set up as a Fn-key when I want both (using virual machines).]

Very good communication. Very good website. Very good handling procedures.

To international customers, do not choose economy for delivery, if you can not take it, seeing the parcel lying for 7 days, in your neighbourhood, at FedEx that is.

Add braided cable and soft 0,2 cm O-rings.
More pronounced tactile mark on F and J, or lift it up from the bottom.
Put a keymapping application reference on website.
Place also an advanced keyboarddesigner online.
Start a production of doubleshot PBT keycaps.
Remove FedEx 'economy' from Website.
Thank you WASD-team. (Posted on 8/27/15)

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