CODE 105-Key UK Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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CODE 105-Key UK Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX ClearCODE 105-Key UK Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Love it! Review by antymat
There is not much to say, really. This is my 4'th WASD keyboard (1'st with backlight) - I love each one of them. The backlight is great for working at night, the quality is the usual best, the rubberised stand and considerable weight keep it in place and the clear switches are nice to type. Minimalistic design - thin outer frame, black with mat finish - only helps - after all this is a typing tool, not a disco lights or computer console from movies of the early 70's. This keyboard takes less space on your desk than "imperial star destoryers" from other companies. There is also no brand logo - good, I know what I bought and don't need reminders. (Posted on 3/7/18)
Perfect! Review by AlexC
I bought the keyboard on 16/01/2018 (after Thuy from WASD had answered one or two of my questions about shipping to UK etc).

I was notified via email by UPS on the 17th that import duty to the amount of £30.66 was payable. I paid immediately and the keyboard arrived on the 18th!

Love the keyboard; very functional, very solid. No-nonsense.

Service from WASD was first class. (Posted on 2/3/18)
A lovely keyboard Review by Ryan
I'd rate this 5/5 if it weren't so expensive to ship to the UK. An expensive shipping charge + a customs charge racks up the price a lot, well over 250 USD.

The keyboard it self is magnificent, beautifully crafted. Very simple, neat, well constructed and a joy to use. The cherry MX clears are amazing to type on, my typing has actually improved from what I had used before which were cherry MX browns.

The LED's are brighter than I had expected, beautifully illuminated at night and still shine bright during the day, even on all settings. The customization of the keyboard is also neat, software isn't needed, so you don't have extra crap you might not need...Who needs macro's or fancy RGB guff when it's on nearly every gaming product now? Not me.

If you're a person that wants to know what a true keyboard is, here it is.
(Posted on 5/19/17)
Beautiful but numlock light does not work at all:/ Review by Clow
Beautiful but numlock light does not work at all:/ (Posted on 10/30/16)
Perfect Review by Mike
This is the best mechanical keyboard I've ever used, and I was lucky to use the IBM Model M in my first job after college.

It's perfectly weighted, it's got a compact footprint for a full-sized mechanical keyboard, and the the most solid feel of any keyboard I've tried.

This thing won't budge around on the desktop, it's planted there as solid as rock. The solid steel backplate makes a MASSIVE difference over cheaper keyboards that also use Cherry switches, possibly the biggest factor for me.

The LED lighting is just right, not intrusive, but clear and helps me to work in darker conditions, which I prefer.

I don't know what else to add. Apart from the occasions I have to work on my laptop, I'll never use anything else again. It's a beautiful, simple, functional piece of design, and a joy to use every day.

Thanks WASD and @CodingHorror !
(Posted on 1/19/16)
Excellent mechanical keyboard! Review by OpenFerret
Just arrived in the post today. Postage via FedEx was pretty quick for a journey across the pond and cost was reasonable too.

Absolutely loving this keyboard. The MX Clears are require quite a firm press compared to Browns, but that is how I like my keyboard. Fitted with the Red O-Rings as well means the travel is right for me and it isn't too noisy.

Just had a couple of hours general use as well as a quick spin on some games and I've decided that this is my favourite keyboard to date!

Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/10/15)
Not sure I like the key action Review by Dan
I find I have to press the keys almost all the way for them to register and as they are very heavy to press means I find myself missing letters as I type or slowing my typing down.

The keys are also a bit cramped so I miss he keys sometimes.

Not sure I like the keyboard yet but I am hoping that things change over time. (Posted on 9/5/15)
Simple and Solid Review by Julio
Before my purchase I watched and read several reviews about this keyboard, this is the only backlight 105 key Mech keyboard I could find, and really compared with others is the only one that interested me.

My conclusion is the same as the majority of those reviews: robust, simple and elegant.

This is my first Mechanical Keyboard, so, I don't have any experience with different keys switches.

The MX Clears are really nice for tipping, but not for gaming, I find myself making too much force with my pinky finger with the left shift and control keys , so maybe the browns can be a better choice if you want this keyboard for gaming.

I wanted a simple and clean 105-key mech keyboard, no rbgs and no macro keys.

The CODE is perfect and I'm happy.

5/5. (Posted on 9/2/15)
Probably the last keyboard I'll ever need Review by Spacey
I've been pining after the CODE keyboard since it was announced several years ago, since it seemed to combine the ideal combination of sturdiness, minimalism and keys suited to my slightly heavy typing and desire not to drive my co-workers insane. I finally acquired one of the UK models when I discovered they were available and when they eventually came back into stock.

The packaging is minimal and effective, a trait that extends through every aspect of the keyboard itself. The lack of obnoxious branding, absurd "design" flourishes and extensive, unnecessary bonus features is appealing for someone like me who just needs to be able to write fast and clean code, and maybe tweak the volume on his background music. While I wasn't entirely convinced I'd like the backlight, its soft, consistent, clean glow is terrific; turning it off at the end of my workday makes it look sad and dormant, and firing it back up in the morning is thoroughly satisfying.

The typing experience is exactly what I'd hoped for; the fairly high triggering pressure encourages me to dance over the keys instead of stomp on them, and it really makes you want to assume a good, consistent posture that's getting me back to proper touch-typing instead of slapping both hands all over the keyboard.

Build quality appears excellent. It has a mighty weight to it so it remains anchored to the table with its thick rubber feet, the micro-USB cable means that even if I do trash the cable I can easily replace it, and the plastic case looks like it'll take a lifetime of work. This could easily be the last keyboard I buy... until I get one for the home office, too.

The only downside is I'd probably get the ten-key-less edition next time, as a true full-scale 105-key keyboard is a large unit. As an ambidextrous mouse user though that's hardly a big problem. (Posted on 8/26/15)
Delivers on its Promise Review by Damian P
This keyboard is well designed, both technically and aesthetically. It has no missing features, and no unnecessary bling!

The backlight is excellent - not so bright that it will burn your retina at night, but bright enough that the illumination is still actively visible in daylight.

The media keys on the Insert/Home block are an excellent idea. Having them there puts them close enough together, and close enough to the Fn key that they can be operated with one hand. The downside is that if you enable the Fn key (using the switches underneath) you lose the ability to use the Application Key (aka, the menu key). I realise that I'm probably the only person on the planet who uses that button, but if not, you can solve that by remapping the Application key to the Right Windows key. (See Scott Hanselman's blog for details -

Cherry MX Clears are fairly rare so it's hard to evaluate what they'll feel like before making a purchase. This was my biggest concern prior to ordering. I was most familiar with MX browns so that's my basis for comparison: the feel is similar but the clears have a more pronounced tactile bump and are significantly stiffer. This has the effect of preventing the keys from bottoming out so much and the stiffer springs can be heard resonating after a key press. After all is considered, I think I prefer the clears. Which is lucky for me!

This keyboard is heavy. It doesn't budge when it's sitting on a desk. Not by accident, anyway. The weight speaks to the solid construction. Pushing and squeezing the case doesn't cause any creaking at all. The edges and corners are quite sharp - I'm fairly sure that you could attach a handle to it, and use it to chop down a tree.

I have been waiting for the UK variant of this keyboard to be invented ever since I read Jeff Atwood's blog post about the original CODE keyboard. Well done, WASD! (Posted on 7/21/15)

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