CODE 105-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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CODE 105-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX ClearCODE 105-Key Swedish Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Very nearly perfect Review by Benny
As someone who has been using keyboards on an almost daily basis for the last 30 years, I must say that this keyboard impressed me a lot. I have three separate workplaces and although I ordered this keyboard just for fun I now realize that I will need to order one for each of my workplaces...

As a few others has mentioned, the steps in the light dimming could be more granular. I'd also love to see macros or dedicated - programmable - keys. I would use them to hook some particularly finger-yoga-esque commands in my IDE.

I ordered my keyboard with the walnut hardwood wrist rest. No complaints there. It looks, and feels, awesome! (Posted on 3/19/18)
Very good keyboard Review by Bluefire
I wanted a good keyboard with some discreet lighting, nordic layout, and some non-clicky tactile keys with more bump to them than cherry browns (and preferably ps/2 option). The wasd code with clears was the only one that seemed to fit all requirements. I have now used it for a few days, and with some comments on improvement potential, I can say that I very much recommend this keyboard.

The one improvement I would like to see is that I would like for there to be a couple of dimmer steps of lighting available. The dimmest one available is a little bit to bright for the midnight coding sessions.

As a marketing suggestion to wasd I can also suggest that having a "nordic" layout advertised might be good. While I am swedish and I am thrilled that a specific swedish version was available; I actually spent a few weeks searching for a "nordic" keyboard with all the options I want because I assumed noone would make a swedish specific keyboard like this. I found the swedish wasd more or less by accident. (Posted on 12/2/17)
One of the best I tried Review by Petch
I have not yet tried everything on the keyboard but.
It is nearly perfect...

It is relatively thick so you need to use a wrist pad. I just use the soft foam one. That is good for me.

I have bought it with 0.4 mm O-rings... And I might just switch them for 0.2 mm O-rings one day.

Also the backlight is a little to bright at the dimmest level for my taste. I always use the dimmest level it is plenty for me, i do not need to look down much.
And the light do not perfectly line up with the transparent part of the key-caps.

The feel of the caps are great.

Sadly I cannot have this keyboard with DK layout, thus I opted for Swedish, there are some differences and that will not be ok for everybody but it is ok for me. I think you would need 4-5 different key-caps to obtain ad DK layout. And sadly you cannot create your ovne backled key-caps.

In DK the is a really exepensiv keyboard and most people would be better of with a cheaper keyboard, but this is the closest that I can get to my perfect keyboard. And if it last me 10 years as my old keyboard then I am a happy customer. (Posted on 5/7/17)
Almost perfect Review by tonism
I researched for a long time and finally decided to go with CODE. Main considering points that I really appreciate are its minimal style, heavy weight, sturdy build quality and SWE 105-key layout. Also, as it were my first mechanical keyboard I looked long into what switch to get and I'm content with MX clears.

Now, I do have a feeling that MX clear tactile feel is not quite uniform and I did imagine even greater tactile bump. Also, as a negative side, I do not feel the key-caps and rubber USB cable that seem to be little too cheap.

Luckily, both USB cable and keycaps can be replaced down the line. However I would prefer out of the box solution. (Posted on 4/17/17)
Great 105 Review by Moto
I needed a FIN/SWE keyboard and due to habit wanted one with 105 keys.
The CODE 105 is an excellent product, nice and heavy so stays put, excellent mechanical feel and good, subdued white back lightning (which I normally run in the lowest setting or off, easy to switch on the run).
Absolutely no complaints, now after two weeks of use I would buy this all over again.
(Posted on 1/1/17)
Just what I needed Review by Codegoat
Simple, elegant design. Sturdy and stays in place even when typing fiercely. And most importantly, it gives excellent tactile feedback with very satisfying *tak* sound on each key press. Definitely worth it.
The backlight is neat too. (Posted on 1/18/16)
This is it Review by mattische
I finally decided to get the CODE keyboard (with the swedish layout). It is just amazing - mechanical keyboards is just the best and this one is the best of the best. Very stable, due to its weight, and the feel is just awesome. If you're a developer - get one! (Posted on 12/15/15)
Awesome Review by Archeange
Back to mechanical keyboard. I used a azerty before and got over to qwerty. It takes some time got get used to it but i just love the keyboard. No extra buttons or brand, just simple and clean. Love the backlit, making the keys "floating". Don't know if its the Ps/2 connection, but i feel no lagging like i did before with usb and im not talking bout pressing more keys at the same time but Ps/2 faste, maybe?. Big plus for the swedish layout.

Would like to be able to change some keys and still havie the backlit through the key. (Posted on 8/3/15)
The best keyboard i´ve ever used. Review by Tony
This is by far the best keyboard i have ever used, i love everything with it. Its super stable on the table, the backlit keys and the feel when you are writing is amazing! Thumbs up!
/T (Posted on 8/3/15)
Great keyboard Review by Perry
Great keyboard, now finally with Swedish keyset. (Posted on 7/16/15)

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