CODE 105-Key German Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear

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CODE 105-Key German Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX ClearCODE 105-Key German Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Clear
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Most professional keyboard out there Review by Kevin
I'm a developer and a bad keyboard a nightmare.
This keyboard is not a nightmare at all, it's such a charm.

I switched from a "Roccat Ryos - Cherry Black" to the CODE 105 and even tho the Roccat is often in the top 5 / 10 in keyboard ratings there is no comparison.

+ Solid / Heavy keyboard (over 1KG)
+ 6 sticky rubber pads, the keyboard wont move on your desk!!!
+ White Blacklight feels usefull and not just gimmicky
+ I love the Cherry MX Clears, this is rather subjective. If you prefere the more heavy caps you will like the Clears too.
+ Flexible configs through switch modes
+ Removable USB Cable
+ Compact
+ Nice looking

- Switch mode "disable caps lock" will just disable the key completely. The Roccat could disable it too BUT it was a "soft disable". Disabled it was just a additional caps-key.
- Backspace on my keyboard is somewhat "loose" and rattles.
- Default USB Cable feels cheap, i know there is an option for sleeved cables but at that price it should be included.

Still the best keyboard i ever used 5/5 (Posted on 3/2/18)
Excellent Build Quality, Good International Shipping Review by Anselm
The build quality and material of the keyboard are excellent. It's very solid-feeling, and I like the texture of the keycaps. The backlighting is also very nice; I like that you can adjust the intensity.

Just be aware that if you ship UPS to Germany, the recipient will likely have to pay customs charges (mine was approximately 30 EUR). (Posted on 7/22/17)
A very solid choice Review by Stefan
This is actually the first mechanical keyboard I ever bought. I type a lot and did a lot of reading before making this decision. I wanted a keyboard that feels comfortable, one that is heavy and durable and preferably with rather quiet key switches. The keyboard took me a bit to get used to, but I am very happy with it. The backlight turns out to be a much more helpful feature than I had anticipated. I don't have to look down much while typing, but when I do, it makes every keystroke much quicker.

I use this keyboard with a Mac. All keys work well and I actually did not even switch the keycaps for the function keys although I had bought them along with the keyboard. That's for two reasons. 1) The built in function keys are very useful, so I don't really need the Apple function keys enabled and 2) I bought the replacement keycap set without thinking about the difference of the font size and position of the print on the keycaps, which now does not match the rest of keyboard. It would just look terrible – at least to me. So, if you do order replacement keycap sets, keep in mind that the font and positioning of the letters etc. should match the rest of the keycaps.

Delivery was also really fast considering that the keyboard had to be shipped to Germany. All in all, I am very happy about this purchase. (Posted on 5/13/17)
Best keyboard on this planet Review by Stone
Simply the best keyboard you can think of! (Posted on 4/29/17)
AWESOME Review by Haiku
As i ordered this keyboard i expected it to be great. It is soooooo much better than i expected. Simply the best keyboard i every laid hands on. There is nothing more to say. (Posted on 7/20/15)

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