CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue

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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX BlueCODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue
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3.5 stars... Review by SAW
The TOUCH of this keyboard is nice... but it has some serious flaws...

1- the keycaps are COMPLETELY unreadable unless you have the backlight turned on. This means, that you're ALWAYS backlit, whether you need it or not...

2 - the side/by/side layout of the keycap design (eg... 7 &) instead of having the & below the 7, is confusing. Because they are so close together, I have to take 2-3 times longer to find the appropriate key when I'm not using something I always uses (parenthesis, or hash, for example).

3 - Wish the media keys were separate instead of requiring a double-keypress. (Posted on 1/28/17)
Great Keyboard Review by Gordon
Great keyboard. I find that I can type more quickly and accurately with the mechanical key switches. The Cherry Blues are a bit loud, but I use the keyboard in my home office - so no problem. For those working in a cubical or team room environment, I would recommend selecting a WASD model with quieter switches.

I considered buying the DAS Keyboard as well, but selected the WASD Code as it had the backlighting together with the Cherry Blue switches in the same model.

Additional things I like about this keyboard:
- Build quality - it has a very solid feel and is fairly heavy compared with other keyboards
- No logo - this gives the keyboard a clean, minimalist look
- USB connector means no batteries - my previous keyboard was wireless, and the batteries tended to die at inconvenient times (Posted on 1/12/17)
Great Keyboard Review by gullio23
apart the cost to have this keyboard...i live in italy and the custom and shipping cost was around 100$!!! but it is not important. The keyboard is very precise and soft at touch the backlit is fantastic because the light and the color is perfect for an office(not like some coloured one). i have also bought the sound dampeners for 0.4 mm and they works as expected. the only things i not prefer too much is the metallic sound returned when you type fast sometimes. (Posted on 1/10/17)
Parfait Review by VinYarD
C'est de loin le meilleur clavier que j'ai jamais eu, de plus WASD permet de personnaliser ses touches, a cela s'ajoute les switchs a l'arriere du clavier. Le clavier pese lourd, ce qui est un gros avantage car il reste bien sur le bureau et ne glisse pas. On remarque tout de suite la grande qualite du produit, je conseille ce clavier a tout ceux qui veulent un bon clavier mais egalement aux personnent qui cherchent un clavier mecanique gamer, il remplace aisement les grande marques gamers. Seul gros probleme, les livraisons partent uniquement des US, problematique pour une livraison en Europe, par rapport aux frais de port. Les delais de livraisons de toute maniere sont excelent, j'ai recu le clavier a mon domicile 41 heures apres le click de ma commande ! J'ai pris UPS et non USPS qui est pourtant plus cher. (Posted on 1/2/17)
Excellent keyboard Review by DJH
Excellent keyboard and pleasure to use. Cost is justified by the quality and finish. Keys have strong and positive clicky feel and perfect for typing. Was always an enthusiast for Northgate keyboards and this is a worthy successor to that classical line of mechanical keyboards (Posted on 12/31/16)
Keyboard with a solid build Review by KK
I am very happy with the quality. The CODE keyboard is very solidly built, I would say it is as good as the Filco Majestouch 2 I also own. The Cherry MX Blue keys work just the same as on the Filco.

I do not really use the backlighting but it looks fine. I use the Menu key as FN: it is nice that I can change both screen lightness and sound volume without having to reconfigure any keys on my Mac via software.

My only little gripe is that if you use the center short cable groove the cabletends to get out of the groove when you move the keyboard. (If you route the cable through one of the longer grooves to the left or right back you do not have this problem.) (Posted on 9/1/16)
Great Keyboard Review by zs
This is my second WASD keyboard and I am definitely enjoying the different switches. It comes at a premium, but this keyboard is well worth the asking price from the build quality. (Posted on 8/22/16)
Really good keyboard! Review by Julian
First mechanical keyboard purchase, avid typist/programmer, and the Blues are just blowing me away right now. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than hearing the click-clack and receiving a somewhat indescribable bounce from each keystroke. I hope this lasts long :) (Posted on 8/9/16)
Truly Soul Crushing Review by Zach
This keyboard is mediocre at best. My soul is full and truly crushed.

I was beyond excited to get this board. For whatever reason I was under the impression that the keys on these boards were all reprogrammable. Much to my chagrin, they're not--which means I essentially upgraded my K70 for a single extra key (Fn) as my K70 already had media keys. I can't blame anyone but myself about it, but I'm full and truly mad about it.

The build quality is excellent but they were incredibly cheap on the USB cable, which is really starting to get to me every time I need to move my board. You would think for $145 they would throw in a braided cable especially when the cable is meant to be at angles depending upon what the end user wants. The lack of a wrist wrest is becoming more and more apparent the more I use this board--and there is no inlaid divots for one to be added directly to the board. If I want one, I have to be happy with one of the cheap "lays on your desk" crappy rubber wrist wrests.

The keys, as I type, seem very cheap. I've been using a Cherry MX Blue for over 2 years now (K70) and the quality from the K70 seems light years ahead of this board. They keys themselves have the telltale audible click, but the resistance seems entirely off. Because of it, even though this keyboard layout is exactly the same as what I've been using every day for 2 years, I'm beginning to miss keys as I type, or the keys never get fully depressed because they depress at a weird angle in which they don't make full contact with the switch.

The only actual gripe I have with this board is the placement of the media keys. Naturally, setting the function key (to be used with the thumb) its most natural to have your index finger hit the play/pause and backward media keys, with your ring finger hitting the stop and forward media keys with volume in the middle (less used keys). But that's not how the layout is and it seems really weird.

Overall, this is a very nice board. But thinking about the sheer cost paired with the lack of almost all customizability (aside from the dip switches) I simply can't justify $145 as a cost for this board. If I had to say a fair price, it would be $60 for a truly entry level keyboard that's built very well.

This exact board, with customizable keys and a wrist wrest would be the cadillac of all mechanical keyboards. But that simply isn't the case--tread with caution. (Posted on 5/2/16)
Entry into Mechanical Keyboards Review by Andre
* (subjective) Great feel
* Backlit/lighted keys
* Heavy base

* Overloaded key: Windows Menu and Function (Fn).

You won't be disappointed if this is your first foray into mechanical keyboards! I've sampled and purchased several mechanical keyboards in the past couple months; the value and quality of this keyboard is the best. It feels great to type, whether it be code or lengthy emails.

The backlit/lighted keys provide a nice view of the keyboard. To be honest I did not feel the need for this feature but I fully appreciate and use it now that I have it. Even though I'm 99% not looking at the keyboard, it provides a solid reference to the location of the keyboard; and of course it provides a clear view of the keys on the odd occasion I do look at it. It's a feeling that directly relates to typing on a laptop keyboard with the same feature.

Because I use the keyboard for work (a Microsoft-powered outfit), I am using the Windows Menu Key instead of the Function (Fn) key. I would prefer a separate Fn key (or separate feature) to change the brightness of the backlit/lighted keys. (I don't care/use the the media keys, so I'm fine with the loss of that functionality.) (Posted on 4/8/16)

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