CODE V3 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue PRE-ORDER

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CODE V3 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue PRE-ORDERCODE V3 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue PRE-ORDER
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Excellent keyboard! Review by Mowgli
This is my second code keyboard, and its awesome as it can be :) the MX Blues work nicely for me, the browns are a bit stiff, and I am liking the compact size. I especially like how the shortcuts are mapped for the keyboard itself, totally doesnt interfere with any layouts. I will definitely buy more of these ;) (Posted on 5/23/18)
my 3rd CODE Review by jmcw
The need arose to get another keyboard for a new workstation, and so I ended up buying my 3rd CODE. this is the only one where I chose the blue clickies, and i'm kind of wishing the browns on my others were blue now too. Oh well. maybe the time will come to get a 4th, and it'll probably be a CODE too. (Posted on 5/4/18)
Decent Compact, missing legs Review by Thomas
This is my 3rd WASD keyboard and my second Code, picked up this one for travel I went down to blue from green for this board and its... OK. I should have stayed with the greens.

But in any event, nice keyboard good feel. I am really digging my white case, but there are a couple minor issues I'm going to flag.

For some reason, this board shipped without the legs, which is kinda garbage as the angle without them is far too flat.

Also, I got the sound dampeners installed, as I always tend to, but in this case I can feel a few of the O-Rings weren't fully set on, after banging on the keys a few times the rings have settled down, so its a non issue.

Please do email us if you're missing feet on your case, we'll send a pair right out. (Posted on 2/27/18)
I wish I had purchased an 87 key Keyboard years ago.
I now have so much more room for my Trackball.
HOWEVER, there is one MAJOR problem : I am older and cannot see
as well as when younger. But even younger people have a problem with
finding the right key BECAUSE the Keys have so Ultra Small, & Faint Lettering !
As absolutely Wonderful this keyboard is, WHY would anyone make the
Key - Lettering so HARD to See ? ? ? Otherwise, the Best Keyboard I ever had ! (Posted on 1/26/18)
Good, but badly described Review by Rob
Sounded brilliant, but...
Can't configure Mac and Dvorak at the same time.
Can't re-arrange keycaps to Dvorak... the backlighting is no use to me. (Posted on 1/25/18)
Excellent! Review by JerryR
After several years using a full-size Das Keyboard I wanted to get a little desk space back so I opted for this Code 87 key. It’s fantastic! I ended up sticking with Cherry Blue switches and am glad I did. Key presses are uniform across the board and my spacebar is solid, unlike my Das Keyboard that had a little rattle—even when new.

I set mine up with solid white alpha keys (not backlit) but kept the rest of the keys black with backlighting. I rarely use it in dark conditions but even in normal daylight the backlit keys really pop making them easier to see than the black Das Keyboard low contrast font. The white alpha keys are large print with black lettering and are also very easy to see.

At this point I couldn’t be happier. As a developer I spend all day on the keyboard and wanted the best. BTW, I set this up for a Mac and have all my functionality without resorting to Karabiner or other key-mapping software by using the default media key setup instead of remapping function keys. (Posted on 11/23/17)
Solid Build. Low Effort, Crisp, Positive Feedback Key Action . Love It! Review by Doc
For many years I've used a full-size hp wireless keyboard as secretary for two charitable organizations and thought the key action was acceptable and perhaps better than others I've occasionally "plinked on" in stores. However, the WASD web site piqued my interest enough that I bought their 6-key sample keyboard with red and blue o-rings. After reading comments by others and testing my own "mini-keyboard", with and without the o-rings, it was down to the Cherry MX Brown vs Blue. I chose the latter, because of the equally low effort but more positive feedback (both tactile and aural), dampened by the thicker blue o-rings because of their greater reduction of key travel compared with the red ones.

I love this: "ten-keyless" keyboard. It's more compact, much more solidly built and stays anchored at the proper angle with the extended back legs and rubber feet, as contrasted with my old keyboard that used to skate around. Key effort is so much less, the action is crisp (not mushy like my old one) and the soft click (not objectionable at all) provides extra feedback of successful key engagement. Key pad size is a bit smaller than I was used to, but the greater separation helps prevent accidental strikes. The small raised locator ridge on the "f" and "j" keys is appreciated. Backlit key illumination is an elegant touch and more than adequate at its lowest setting.

My only regret is not having found this professional keyboard sooner. Its solid build and other features mentioned above promise years of typing satisfaction.

(Posted on 9/1/17)
Nice Keyboard Review by hohonuuli
This is very nice keyboard. I love the clicky-ness of the mechanical keys; I got the blue o-rings installed and have been happy with them.Typing feels very precise with the tactile feedback from this keyboard and the clicks don't seem to bother my office mate.

(Posted on 7/25/17)
Best Keyboard Review by ben
As a Mac user that is used to having a short keyboard, this 10-keyless is simply the best. Do it. (Posted on 7/24/17)
Satisfying and gorgeous Review by robodair
+ This is a very clean, pretty keyboard
+ Typing is really satisfying - click and actuation
+ The customisation with dip switches is really useful
+ TKL design means less strain reaching for the mouse
+ Rubber feet (even on the flipdown feet) feel very sturdy

* Having to choose between a function key and a menu key isn't ideal, but it makes the keyboard standard, and I don't use the menu key, so I like it

- The keys take a little while to break in, they feel rough at first
(Posted on 6/9/17)

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