WASD V2 87-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical Keyboard

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WASD V2 87-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical KeyboardWASD V2 87-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical Keyboard
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Great Purchase Review by Emily B
I'm a freelance designer and my boyfriend is obsessed with these keyboards, so he has us all using them. At first I was skeptical, but I'm totally converted.

I got the MOD-M 55g (Tactile Bump) and I'm so happy I paid a little extra for it. I can still type while on calls and not make too much noise, and it fills my home office with that soft clicky soothing sound throughout the day - a work from home'ers best friend! (Posted on 11/29/17)
Great Keyboard Review by brandonio21
I have been an owner of the WASD Code keyboard for quite some time and have liked my experience with it. Much like other reviewers, I purchased the barebones keyboard so that I could avoid WASD's antibacterial coating on their PBT keycaps.

Anyhow, my review of this barebones keyboard is very similar to my review of the CODE. They are the same keyboard at the end of the day.

- Absolutely no problem setting it up. My keycaps went in fine, works fine with both my Windows machine and my MacBook Pro (After a USB C converter since the cable is not USBC_.

- Case is heavy and solid, feels great to carry around and to type on.

- DIP Switch is great for Mac use

- There is a separation in the two layers of plastic (top and bottom) which I think is rather ugly.

- The metal brackets on the larger keys (space, shift, etc.) ultimately creates a different feel on those keys and produces a different sound. I would love if they felt/sounded just like all the other keys.

Yes, it's a little pricey, but the build quality is worth it. WASD Customer support is also out-of-this-world. (Posted on 11/27/17)
Great quality before it died in 3 weeks. Review by Chun
Received this keyboard 3 weeks ago, fast overseas shipping from US to Singapore.

The build quality is great and the keycap feels awesome.
Tried to use this on a MacBook pro on Day 1 and encountered slight issues where it doesn't detect on boot. Needs to plug it in and out every single time it boots. Not sure if MacBook issue. Eventually switched to PC on 2nd week onwards, and this issue is resolved.

Today 3 weeks later, the keyboard stops working halfway while on a PC. Tried changing the ports, cable, and another PC. Dead.

Maybe I received a faulty unit. Help?

We're sorry to hear about this issues, please do email us with your order information and we'll take care of you. (Posted on 11/17/17)
Fantastic Board Review by terran
I got this board without the keycaps and have no regrets. It's a nice, solid construction, and didn't leave anything to be desired. I haven't started to mess with the dip switches yet so can't vouch for those, but the everything else is wonderful. (Posted on 11/4/17)
Great Keyboard Review by uswick
This is a really good keyboard, I like the feel when typing and texture of caps.. 4 stars because I find the usb-c cable connector getting bit loose sometimes (because i have to carry it between my home and work ) and gets disconnected with the pc. (Posted on 8/16/17)
Solid keyboard, great caps Review by pook
Nicely made and the PBT double shot keycaps are just fine. Overall very happy with purchase. (Posted on 6/10/17)
Love it Review by Neil
Clears are awesome. Great keyboard, got the Barebones one since I had a set of caps, really pleased with the purchase. (Posted on 2/20/17)
Very solid choice! Review by John
Love the 10-keyless! WASD does a good job providing a solid construction. I got the MX Clears, put 2 o-rings on each key stem, and used my own double-shot PBT caps. Everything feels pretty great!

Minor annoyances for me:

1. The keyboard presents certain special key events as non-standard events. For instance, xev reports that "Pause" is some special XF86_Launch_Event or something similarly named instead of just "Pause" like most keyboards do. It just means mapping hotkeys to those keys isn't as portable, but still works.

2. I really want to find a board that has a DIP switch to turn Caps Lock into Escape, but I've never found this yet. Can usually just do this in software anyway.

Not sure how the company feels justified charging so much for the o-rings - you can buy them much cheaper elsewhere. (Posted on 11/20/16)
great Review by k
great (Posted on 11/2/16)
indestructable badass keyboard Review by bo
I accidentally dropped it on concrete a couple times, used it every day outside (in dust and rain) for over year, never cleaned it... and it STILL worked for a long time (until I broke it trying to open it up). Tech support was super-helpful too. So I just ordered another one.

I recommend the blue switches for coding or writing (if you don't mind the clicking sounds). Also, if you want to *really* learn how to touch type, get blank key caps and two textured key caps to replace the F and J keys. I love this keyboard. (Posted on 9/17/16)

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