WASD V2 87-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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WASD V2 87-Key Barebones Mechanical KeyboardWASD V2 87-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
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A Superb Keyboard at a Fantastic Value Review by kaiser
If you're like me and you're invested in sourcing your own key caps, but you would also prefer to have a preassembled board with custom switches, I don't think you can beat what WASD provides. This is one the best values you can get for a mechanical keyboard anywhere.

I wanted a TKL board with quiet switches that were an upgrade to Cherry Brown. I debated between Zealios and MOD-H, but ended up settling on the latter, and honestly, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Both switch types are great, but I'm just amazed you can choose between them for a preassembled board and for a price that is highly competitive to DIY kits. Big props to WASD for not only having a good selection of the unique switches you'll find only in the hardcore mechanical switch community, but also for building high quality boards with them ready to order. No soldering involved.

I also have to emphasize that they provide their keycap puller, costar stabilizers, and the lube despite not getting keycaps. It's highly appreciated and makes me happy that I choose WASD. (Posted on 12/26/17)
Great keyboard, stabilizer doesn't work Review by mjrosenb
It is everything I wanted in a keyboard... except one of the small vinly crosshairs that plugs into the keycaps is too small, so it just slips out. I had the bad luck to initially place it on the left side of the spacebar (when I nearly always hit the spacebar on the right side.) leading to the space bar nearly always getting dislodged)

Apologies if the stabilizer components are not working for you. If the small white inserts are slipping out, please do contact us and we can work out a fix or replacements. (Posted on 12/4/17)
Zealios switches are great Review by Matt
Love the keyboard, Zealios switches are high quality. It was nice saving money on keycaps as I already have my own set. (Posted on 8/12/17)
Just Wonderful Review by rydrman
This was my first keyboard with blues and the first one I really spent some decent money on. I'd had budget mechanical keyboards in the past and never thought I'd love this keyboard as much as I do. The construction is amazingly solid and the minimal design/branding is just everything that you want out of a keyboard: no smoke or mirrors here, just a hard working, solid piece of hardware (Posted on 10/25/16)
Fantastic Value and Quality Board Review by Shaun M
This is one of the best overall values I've come across yet in the keyboard community. Being a keyboard enthusiast, I usually change out stock keycaps on any board I purchase. Having the option for a board without keycaps is a huge plus for me.

Beyond the barebones option, the keyboard itself is of extremely high quality. The media/function key options work excellently. And the extra dip switch functions work very well (I use the windows key lock functionality).

I only have two minor negatives. First, the costar stabalizers didn't like the PBT DSA keycaps I put on them. I ended up putting a small square of saran wrap on top of each one to keep it snug, a very minor issue. Second, the seam between the top and bottom halves of the case is a bit larger than I would like. Its a minor cosmetic issue but a small one nonetheless.

Overall I would highly recommend this board. The combination of usable features along with its conservative styling and barebones option makes this an excellent choice for almost any use. (Posted on 10/12/16)
Great Keyboard and Good Value Review by Kevin
I already own a full sized CODE (which I love), and I wanted to try a TKL keyboard next. I already had a set of Keycaps I wanted to use, so I'm really glad there's a barebones option, which a lot of company's don't have. It's a great keyboard, really solid feeling, casing doesn't feel cheap at all. Overall, I'm happy that I was able to save money by not paying for keycaps and I'm once again satisfied with the quality of the keyboard. (Posted on 12/23/15)

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