WASD V2 104-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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WASD V2 104-Key Barebones Mechanical KeyboardWASD V2 104-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
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Amazing Review by Bunny
This is my third WASD V2 keyboard and my second one with brown switches. Last year I got one with brown switches and one with blue switches. Both are working really well, and always enjoy using them. They are made really solidly, and I am still really happy with them. I always get the barebones keyboards because I like to pick out my own keycaps and put them on myself. I really love how the keyboards come with everything you need to install a set of keycaps. You get a wire key puller, the wire stabilisers, the white keyboard stabiliser inserts, and even a tube of grease. The keyboards themselves are solid, and they don't rattle, and aren't really plasticky. They don't make hollow noises when you type. One thing I noticed on my new keyboard is that the steel backplate is now satin-finished black metal instead of black matte. It looks just as good as the other two I have. As always, I love the dip switches on the back and how you can set up your keyboard with hardware keyboard layouts. I do use my keyboards on iOS a lot, and they work very well, especially since you can set it up with different keyboard layouts. (Posted on 11/26/17)
Decent overall keyboard Review by saturnotaku
I've previously had good experiences with WASD keyboards, so I made sure to order another one once Cherry MX silent switches were available. The DIP switch configuration, removable cable with routing options, included keycap puller, and the fact that you can order a board without any keycaps at all are huge selling points. However, I have to take a star off on my most recent purchase because of the fact that the keyboard arrived with the plastic housing separated in a couple spots. I had to snap it back in place, and I might have broken something in the process because I can hear a fragment of plastic or something rattling around inside the case. It's not an issue when I'm using the keyboard, so I haven't bothered to take it apart to get rid of the rogue object, but that was pretty disappointing given the solid build quality I've had with other WASD and CODE keyboards.

Apologies that the keyboard case arrived slightly separated. It is possible this occurred during shipping, but either way, if you experience any issues or are dissatisfied with the unit, please do let us know and we'll take care of you. (Posted on 6/22/17)
Sold on the clear Review by Natedogg
I've used the black and brown keys. The clear are my new choice. Love the tactile feedback (Posted on 3/21/17)
Great Option Review by Jholland
Great option for those of us who already have a good set of keycaps, just need a new board without all the extra frills and buttons and media keys, etc.

My 5-key on my old board went bad, so while I figure out how to replace that switch, I figured I'd get a new board since the old one was going on 4-5 years old anyway. This option was almost exactly what I wanted.

My only complaint is that I wish it was bundled with a more robust USB cable, but that's a minor gripe to have about an overall great keyboard at a very friendly price. (Posted on 10/6/16)
This is an all around solid board. I love the fact that WASD offers it in a bare bones option. The board is very well constructed and the features that come with it are no nonsense. This board as everything you could want and need in a board, including my favorite the hardware switch for different layouts. This feature alone is worth buying the board hands down. I work in an office that runs Windows 7 and toggling the layout is a pain because Windows will only change it for the one process you have focused and not all. With the hardware switch it doesn't matter what machine you plug it into because it's already set.

I would highly recommend this board for anyone who works on a PC for most of their day. Or gaming(comes in Cherry MX reds), if you're into that too. (Posted on 8/28/16)
Really impressed Review by Bunny
I purchased two of these keyboards last week, a blue switch and a brown switch version, and they finally arrived today. For the past six years I have been using a Das Keyboard Ultimate S with Cherry MX blue switches. Lately, I have been having problems because there are broken and cracked solder joints under a large number of switches in my Das that I haven't had time to go and fix. The worst of my problems, however was the cord. It's fraying for some reason. These keyboards seem somewhat more solid and less hollow than the Das. One of the things that bothered me a lot about the Das is that it resonates with the clicks from your already noisy blue keyswitches making for quite a racket when you are typing. If you don't like the attention, this can be the worst thing ever. Worst yet, I switched to mechanical keyboards because of hand problems, and they help a lot, so I can't just grab a regular keyboard off the shelf. As much as I have tried rubber dome keyboards, after a day of typing on one, I get shooting pain in my wrists. I do not get this on mechanical boards. This board doesn't seem to resonate like the Das. It's a lot quieter, even with the one with the blue keyswitches. This attracts a lot less attention. The detachable cable is a huge plus because if it ever gets damaged, I can easily just buy a new one, or I can accessorise with different cords depending on my mood. I can also pick a shorter or longer cord depending on what I need that day. Another thing I really like about this keyboard is that you can change the layout in the hardware using the DIP switches. I used my Das keyboard with my iOS device (iPhone 6 Plus) using the USB adapter, and in iOS, you cannot change the modifier key layout like you can in Mac OS X. With this keyboard, you can just switch it to Mac mode and the modifiers are where they need to be with the command keys next to the space bar. It makes it less annoying when I pull the keyboard off my Mac and connect it to my iOS device. Another neat thing is that if you enable the Fn key (the menu key is useless anyway in Mac OS X and iOS), all the media keys work as expected in Mac OS X and iOS (except Stop, which Macs and iOS devices don't have). You can raise and lower your volume, mute it, skip forward and backwards in playlists, play and pause music and videos, and either eject optical discs if you have a Mac or show and hide the on-screen keyboard in iOS. (If you have a hardware keyboard, pressing the eject button can show and hide the on-screen keyboard). Another nice plus with this keyboard is like the Das keyboard, you don't need to connect your iOS device to external power to use this keyboard. This means that you can use it anywhere you are and with either the older USB 2.0 adapter which has no lightning port or the newer USB 3.0 adapter which as a lightning port. Overall, this is a really great keyboard. I'm really impressed with it. (Posted on 7/25/16)
All Quality Review by InfoPeace
I had the same keyboard in Tenkeyless with Cherry Blues, and liked it so much that I ordered a full-size with Browns. The attention to detail is impressive--cheap Chinese boards can't compare to this.
What would make it even better would be a switch for Workman layout. (Posted on 6/12/16)
Nailed it Review by Peter
I bought this with clear switches, some custom-printed keycaps, and blue dampeners, all so I could assemble everything myself (to be used in a shared work environment). Really, everything went as smoothly as I could have hoped. The customer support was really helpful with my questions. The keyboard is brilliant, and exactly what I hoped it would be. This was my first mechanical keyboard purchase, and I'm so glad I made the investment. What a fantastic addition to my computer. This is something I envision purchasing for other computers as well. So good. Really. (Posted on 5/23/16)
Good Review by B Chuckles
I ordered this 104 keyboard because of the PS/2 compatibility, the lack of backlight, and the ability to customize it with Cherry MX Green Switches. I really wanted double-shot keycaps and didn't care for WASD's option - I decided to purchase them separately from Signature Plastics and am very happy that WASD offers a capless purchasing option. The keyboard is heavy enough that it doesn't slide on the desk, the keys are mounted into a metal backplate, and the switches are consistent between keys (I don't know if that's a pro for Cherry MX or for WASD).

The only negative comment I have about my experience is that the stabilizer for the ENTER key on the 10-key pad was broken when the keyboard arrived. Super Glue fixed it so I didn't bother with customer service or RMA - I can't comment on that experience. But, it's a quality control issue, deducting one star. (Posted on 12/27/15)
Excellent product Review by Efrain
I've been using mechanical keyboards for the last five years with the Cherry MX blue switch. They are great. Many years ago I had an OmniKey keyboard that I loved. But as everything in life all good things must come to an end. Now I have this keyboard with the green switches. It is awesome. I still have the clicking sound and the amount of pressure required by the green switches is (to my taste) a little better than the blue ones. It is closer to my Omnikey. I also love the low and small footprint from this keyboard. No fancy lights nor extra ports that in some keyboards alter the shape (rectangular). I also like the non glossy matte finish. (Posted on 12/17/15)

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