8-Key PBT Doubleshot Cherry MX Extended Compatibility Keycap Set

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8-Key PBT Doubleshot Cherry MX Extended Compatibility Keycap Set8-Key PBT Doubleshot Cherry MX Extended Compatibility Keycap Set
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Not as listed? Review by btmc
I've been looking for a PBT 1x6.00 spacebar that will fit my old Das' nonstandard bottom row for a long time. Most 1x6.00 spacebars have slightly off-center stems so they will be compatible with older Cherry keyboards, but I need one with a center stem.

After contacting support to confirm whether this spacebar has a center stem, it seems they are convinced that this listing only includes a standard 1x6.25 spacebar. Despite linking this exact page multiple times, the representative insisted "Unfortunately, we do not carry 1×6.00 spacebars."

The knowledge base seems to agree since it lists the 1x6.00 spacebars as "Not compatible. Size not available." http://support.wasdkeyboards.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1366948-keycap-compatibility

Apologies for any confusion, in general we only carry 6.25u spacebars - specifically for custom keycaps. This Extended Compatibility set is the one exception, and does contain keycaps in sizes we otherwise do not carry at all: R1 1x1.5 Ctrl and Alt keys, and a 6u spacebar. (Posted on 4/12/17)
Exactly what I expected Review by MikeDan
It's a pretty basic kit. I got exactly what was described and pictured. No complaints at all on the product, and WASD had fast shipping, even during the holiday season. Well done! (Posted on 1/4/17)
Needs to be available in different colors. Review by Alk
I need a space bar for my corsair K70 and I can't find a PBT space bar that is 6.5 anywhere. This would work, but my keycap set is white. I would gladly buy the whole bundle just for the space bar if it was white. (Posted on 10/15/16)
The Control key is not shaped as I would have hoped. Review by NotGoodAtTennis
The Control key should be next to "A", as God and Ken Olsen intended, not down in the spacebar row. WASD keyboards can be set to make this so, but then you need a "Ctrl" key to replace the useless caps lock key. The Ctrl keys in this set are not that key --- they are shaped to replace the stupid control key in the bottom row. They will work, but they're shaped slightly wrong.

**REPLY FROM WASD: This set is intended to make our PBT keycap set compatible with other keyboards that use 1.5u width Ctrl keys. If you need a R2x1.5 key, please use our Custom Text Key to order the proper size key. However, those are only available as UV printed ABS keys.** (Posted on 8/17/16)

4 Item(s)

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