CODE 61-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue

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CODE 61-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX BlueCODE 61-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue
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high quality product. very simplistic and functional Review by S.Y.
This keyboard is great so far. I am a little skeptical about how long the keycaps will last due to what I have heard. So far it is working out great and it is a fairly well thought out product. I would say that it is worth the price and the functionality is mostly there in mac and windows. Haven't ran into many problems with the functions so far. (Posted on 6/25/17)
Excellent, heavy, high quality, highly customisable ! Review by Ben
The best keyboard I ever had. Almost perfect !
What can be improved ? for me, just 2 minor things:
- the function keys are not lighten on the side. LEDs only light the top of the keys. it's a little bit annoying when you work in the dark. As it's 61 keys keyboard, you often need to press Function keys to do F1, F2... Home, `, ~, Del etc...
- I would prefer an angular connector for the usb port.

I already have 2 Code keyboards (clear and brown). They are really good, but this one is clearly a better build! (Posted on 4/22/17)
Amazing Product Review by Chris
I have had many different mech keyboards in the past, but this is by far the best I have ever owned. (Posted on 4/5/17)
Huge quality in little space Review by Gizmo
The ultra compact code 61 keyboard has a "60%" design with a high quality construction and materials.

With the Cherry MX Blue Switches you obtain a good feeling in every movement, a nostalgic sound and a comfortable sensation. Furthermore, the White LED Backlighting allows you can work even without light in the place.

100% advisable. (Posted on 3/28/17)
As near perfect as I have ever seen Review by Shiboe
This keyboard is the only one I've found that checks nearly all of my wants/needs and then some.

I have been using a Corsair Vengeance K65 mechanical for the last year--I love the beautiful construction, core features, and compactness, but the red switches were too sensitive for me, giving way to lots of false positive keystrokes and frustration (especially in games) where even the weight of my fingers at times triggers the stroke.

This keyboard is even more compact, has the same beautiful construction (metal, not inset), and the switches are perfect, easy to strike, but a strong enough threshold that I'm not constantly fighting errors. The programmability is also a fantastic feature, especially to replace a fair number of keys that are missing.

I'm somewhat torn, in that I really would like to have arrow keys and tilde/backtick again, but I don't like how the 87 is inset in plastic. I'll probably end up getting the 87 as well in the future, because I'm sold on this brand/model.

I also would prefer the USB connecter attach on the side, rather than the top, but I don't care enough to dock a star. As a mobile keyboard though, the placement is often in front of a laptop, and the cord sticking out the top gets in the way. (Posted on 12/4/16)
Amazing. Review by Gabers
Love it. No wonder these other reviewers are typing so much. (Posted on 11/30/16)
could not be happier Review by zak
Very solid board and great feel and look. It's quite heavy which I like. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for a 60%. (Posted on 11/18/16)
Best Keyboard Ever Review by Jeremy
I have two of them - one home, one at work - blue switches.
Definitely best keyboards I have ever used. I also have a VP2 which I use with my SGI Octane. They are easily on par with the best workstation keyboards known from SGI or SUN machines (back in the day when they used type5 ones) or maybe even better.
As Mr.Thermistocles said above - the right angle usb connector Would be a nice touch but this is not a problem - its just one thing left to improve. (Posted on 10/7/16)
Great Board Review by Fanman
I use this board as my everyday-board. Great for the desk because of how heavy it is. The thing is built like a beast with a solid metal case so you know this thing isn't going to break or slide around. The stock keycaps are nice and durable, but I quickly swapped those out for custom caps. I do notice a high pitched hum due to the resistors when I have the LEDs turned up all the way but it's very hard to notice and I never have LEDs turned up all the way. (Posted on 9/28/16)
Great keyboard Review by Thermistocles
I've been using this keyboard (with the blue switches) for a week now. It looks just as good in RL as the pictures. Initially I was worried about using the blue keys in the office but if you don't really pound the keys you're about a quiet/noisy as someone who is a heavy typist on a normal keyboard. Also the keys feel great to use! I also worried that I would miss all those keys but this was not the case. The only thing I really had to get used to was using fn for the arrow keys but that didn't take long. I have a lot more room on my desk which is handy when you are referring to written notes because you can have them right in front of you. The dip switch on the back that turns the caps lock key into an extra function key is very useful as you'll be using this a bit. The programmable layers are also easy to use. Great for some of the longer commands you can half remember. One little thing I would change is perhaps get a right angle USB connector so the USB cable plugs into the keyboard more easily without hitting my machine or monitor. This might be specific to my set up and the way I use my desk but seriously this is such a small issue considering how enjoyable this keyboard is to use. (Posted on 5/6/16)

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