WASD VP3 61-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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WASD VP3 61-Key Barebones Mechanical KeyboardWASD VP3 61-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard
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Check Your Quality Review by Robert
Bought a VP3 with PBT keycaps.
The programming LED is permanently on.
Seems to be a common problem.

If I just so ever lightly flex the keyboard, the LED goes off. Proves the above fault.
WASD, check your quality control.

Apologies for the issue, if you unit is defective please do contact us and we'll take care of it for you. (Posted on 2/16/18)
Excellent Review by rdrop-exit
Bought pre-installed with Cherry MX Greens and GMK Penumbra. Extremely happy with the quality and quick delivery to the Philippines. (Posted on 12/29/17)
If you're looking for a Poker and are going to replace the keycaps anyway, this is the way to go! Review by HyperSprite
I love the programmability of this keyboard and wanted a second one to travel with. I got this one in Cherry MX brown to make it a bit more stealth at the coffee shop. (Posted on 12/15/17)
Very Happy with Purchase Review by ctom
Purchased this with the Cherry browns and am really impressed with the quality of the build and materials. My first mechanical keyboard since the IBM M which I can't use in the office because of my noise sensitive coworkers...Still getting use to the 60% form factor (assigned Caps Lock key to FN key helped) but I'm sure I'll adjust. The keyboard came with firmware version 1.1.7 so I'll probably add some white LEDs for backlighting. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and WASD's service. (Posted on 4/5/17)
What they said Review by Trystero
Bought this with Cherry MX Clear switches and absolutely love it. There was a bit of a learning curve with all the dip switches and the programming layers, but man, only makes it all the more satisfying once you've got the hang of it. The thing is built to withstand Nuclear bombardment. Absolutely love it. And, while it may not have a body that takes up the entirety of my desk like a tank just like the old IBM Selectrics used to, my Modern Selectric keycaps feel more at home on this board than they have on any previous. Love the VP3. (Posted on 3/22/17)
Absolute ripper of a board Review by Ted
This only took 3 Days to post this Keyboard from the US to Australia.
very nice hefty feeling and looks like it would last a lifetime,
solid built keyboard with the included metal casing,
would recommend to anyone who needs a small form factor keyboard
(Posted on 3/1/17)
Excellent 60% board Review by Brandon
Decided to go for a 60% form factor and already have some keycaps, so naturally this made sense. Arrived fast and in great condition, I love that it doesn't use the stabilizer bars and instead has the mini-switch looking things (I forget the name) for bigger caps to go on.

10/10 would buy again (Posted on 8/16/16)
Like a truck Review by El duderino
This is my first mechanical. I like the 61 but it took some getting used to the lack of arrow keys and prt scrn etc. Now I touch type most of these combos. It's very compact, the build quality is high compared to other mechanicals in the same price point. The barebones is a good choice for anyone customizing keycaps. I love this keyboard...Cherry MX browns, it's made me a better typist. (Posted on 7/2/16)
A Great 60% Board Review by Jon
Bought one of these recently for someone since it's just like a Pok3r but without keycaps. The Pok3r/VP3 is the most solid pre-built 60% board right now & is well worth the price. There's a metal case, Cherry switches, programmable layers & more. Not going over the switches other than it's good that it's Cherry since those are highly based on user preferences. Gateron would be sweet but they don't make these with those. Barebones option is great as well for people that want to change the keycaps. (Posted on 5/27/16)

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