"OS" Cherry MX Keycap Set

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"OS" Cherry MX Keycap Set"OS" Cherry MX Keycap Set
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Good stuff Review by Alex
Fast shipping, high quality, Tux looks great on my Filco. (Posted on 11/4/14)
Meh. Review by Stephen
"Say something nice!" These keys are well-molded.

But they look lousy with LED illumination from underneath... muddy, illegible, with a weird shadow in the middle. And they look DIFFERENT when the lights are turned off. (The legend is visible against the dark plastic, not like the other keys on my keyboard at all.) If this is as good as it gets, I wish I had stayed with the stock black keys. Disappointed.

**REPLY FROM WASD: Our keys are not designed for use on backlit keyboards.** (Posted on 1/7/14)
Awesome! Review by dustinhxc
AWESOME Linux penguins guys thank you :D A+++ (Posted on 11/15/13)
Laser Etching looks great Review by Toad1677
Got orange keys laser etched with windows 7 logo and they look great. (Posted on 3/1/13)
Linux keys Review by Ole
I ordered Linux-logo keys to replace what I thought would be winlogo-keys. I have a Ducky SHINE2 with MX Clear and white LEDs. The keys fits perfect and have the same shape, but the keys itself are semi-transparent, so I can see the LED through the key, even if it mainly shouldnt, not a problem though. But I whis they could offer propper LED-ready keys in the future, also I miss that I can configure one and one button and buy only those which is configured. The configuration for "OS-logo kit" doesnt have good enough configuration, so Tux is completelly centered horizontal and vertical, while I want it on top vertical and middle horizontal.

I will maybe switch back to my normal logokeys which was included on the keyboard, which was not winlogo keys actually, but the Ducky-logo ;] (probably will continue to use Tux since I love it anyway, but I still wish for LED-ready keycaps :P)

Shipping went fast (to Norway). (Posted on 1/30/13)
They do the job but could be better Review by Apotato
i was kind of hoping the keys were made the same way the stock keys on my current keyboard are (a semi transparent white plastic, with an opaque colour coating) which would have allowed the embedded led's in each switch to illuminate the keys.

sadly this isn't the case the light blue keys almost entirely glow and the reds i bought for ESDF barely glow at all.

the keys themselves are fine perfectly fitted to the keyboard and no real complaints there. just would have been nice if the glow worked too (Posted on 1/25/13)
Happy with everything Review by Boom-
I ordered these just to match up with other key caps I ordered, they came in pretty quick. They fit fine, the laser etching looks great on both keys, I'm happy with the quality

P.S I got a Model S Ultimate Das Keybaord with Brown Cherry keys (Posted on 1/19/13)
Great product. Review by Dave
My Tux Cherry-MX keycaps arrived quickly and were very high quality. As a professional linux sysadmin, I use these caps on my work keyboard and they are the envy of my co-workers. I have referred a few of my cherry-mx banging co-workers to your site for any custom keys that they may want, and while I don't expect to need any custom keys or keyboards any time soon, I will definitely return to WASD keyboards if the need arises. (Posted on 1/16/13)
ok i guess Review by Not Impressed
I have bought a few keys from your company, overall i havent been impressed by the craftsmanship... the laser etching looks like a 3 yr old was drawing on my keys with a crayon. The "red" keys i bought are more orange than red. The windows keys that i bought with win 8 logos have white etching on them that is transparent, this also applies to the esc key with a picture of a guy running. The keys did fit well and were the right dimensions so thats why i gave you even 2 stars... The only reason i have been a repeat customer is that i couldnt find even one other supplier

**REPLY FROM WASD: Our laser etching should be fairly clear on the keys. If you contact us directly, we can see what the exact issue is and reprint the keys if needed.** (Posted on 1/16/13)
Almost perfect! Review by RĂ©mi (From France)
The keys are mounted perfectly on my Cherry G80-3000, even the light gray color is good. Shipping is fast and the price was right. Too bad that the keys are a bit above the other in height. I probably would command a keyboard FR soon as the choice is really interesting. (Posted on 12/13/12)

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