59-Key ISO Alphanumeric Cherry MX Keycap Set

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59-Key Alphanumeric Cherry MX Keycap Set59-Key Alphanumeric Cherry MX Keycap Set
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Great to switch to AZERTY Review by Grosduj
I am French and my friends offered me this very good keyboard that I love ! Unfortunately it was provided with a QWERTY layout.
No problem : just a keycap after and it was AZERTY !!
The shipping was incredibly quick, and the packaging is perfect and makes the setup very easy.
I am fully satisfied ! (Posted on 2/23/18)
Installed on a DasKeyboard Pro 4 Review by Frederic
Super !
Just the "Enter" for the numeric key pad that was not compatible.
Otherwise, super simple, everything work perfectly :-) (Posted on 1/29/18)
Excellent Review by Sven
I needed Croatian layout for my Func KB-460 keyboard that came with UK layout.
Quality is better than original Func keys and they fit perfectly but i lost backlight illumination.
It would be great if we could order caps with transcluent letters to fit keyboards with backlight illumination.
Other than that I'm more than satisfied as Croatian layout is not that common and WASD was only one that I could find offering it.
(Posted on 4/7/17)
Perfect on a VicTsing 87 Review by PuK
I get this set of keycaps to convert a US QWERTY keyboard in FR AZERTY. Everything is fine, keycaps were easy to install on cherry link switches, shipping was fast (I get them in France in 2 weeks). (Posted on 11/28/16)
Perfect fit for a Das Keyboard 4C Review by paguilar
They key caps can be inserted in a Das Keyboard without any problem. Highly recommended. Some months ago I place another order and the key caps are still in excellent condition even though I use they keyboard at least 8 hours a day. (Posted on 8/4/16)
Keycaps perfect, delivery almost perfect Review by Guckenwasgeht
Theres nothing else to say about the keycaps. They look very good and do there job well. Unfortunately the bill was inside the packet, so the packet was delivered to the custom, where I had to collect it by myself. Summarized the delivery took 14 days. (Posted on 7/14/16)
Perfect Review by Lo
Couldn't be any better. Easy order, quick arrival, flawless quality. I've ordered the german layout and the imprint is 1:1 to my original keycaps (aqua blue keycaps with black font).

I installed the keycaps on a Steelseries 6GV2 Keyboard. Below you can have a look:

Totally satisfied in any point, 5 stars! I can only recommend it!

(Posted on 7/11/16)
Perfect Review by Curioso
It was a mixed colors blank set, absolutely perfect. I didnt even send a layout, just a written description and the keys came flawless wich shows the care that is put into every order. Pacage came on time all the way to Portugal. 10/10 will order my next keyboard from here (Posted on 2/5/16)
Worth the money Review by Remy
The keys were harder to insert than I expected, compared to insert the originals on my cm storm quickfire... but the product is flawless and good looking. I only wish they were made for back-lit keyboards as well but hey 30 bucks is fair (Posted on 10/8/15)
Looks better than the pictures in the gallery (maybe because the gallery is blurred and sideways) Review by Hay
Being a software developer, I've been having a hard time typing certain symbols so I've purchased printed white caps with a French layout after one year of using a black Leopold keyboard with blank keys (purchased from a German store, they didn't have a French layout so I settled for blanks).

I've left 17 of the A-Z keys stock.
I've replaced the 4th row, the symbols next to the enter key, the symbols on the first row, and the letters TY FGHJ VBN located at the center of the keyboard. The white keycaps and black stock keycaps contrast helps me visually on where to place my fingers.

The letters on the 3rd row, T and Y have a profile that differs from the stock Leopold keys (the delivered keys are just so slightly taller as described in the Compatibility article), but that's not a complaint, I can do with it being a entry-level keyboard.

The delivered keys are kinda hard to pull out once positioned, unlike the stock keys. My keycap puller has caused some bite-like marks on the delivered keys, which fortunately are only noticeable when pulled out.
I've read somewhere the keycaps become easier to pull out after prolonged seated use? Oh, whatever.

Prior to purchasing the white caps I've been looking for pictures online and on this website and found very few examples. Upon delivery I'm happy to see that the white material looks good, it looks white under cool daylight.
The print looks fine, actual black, not gray. At typing distance the characters look sharp, however if I look very closely a inch away I could notice some smearing on the rounded characters with tight spacing, like 8 @ and รจ, but it's okay. Compared to some pictures of printed keyboards found online, it's not gray nor horribly blurred.
Can't tell how it will wear out yet.

I wish WASDKeyboards had more pictures of keyboards and printed keys without excessive sideways head-sitting-on-the-desk angles I'm never gonna look at my keyboard from, and with less photographic depth of field blur. I would have purchased it earlier if I'd seen that quality!
Is it too much to ask for pictures of a keyboard taken from the front, facing it? Like how we see the keyboard 99% of the time when in use?

About shipping: International delivery tracking on USPS took 7 days: order placed on Monday, delivered home on the next Monday in France.

The package is delivered with five zip bags: one large containing four smaller zip bags, one for each row. (Posted on 10/18/14)

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