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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue

CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue

Product Review (submitted on May 2, 2016):
This keyboard is mediocre at best. My soul is full and truly crushed.

I was beyond excited to get this board. For whatever reason I was under the impression that the keys on these boards were all reprogrammable. Much to my chagrin, they're not--which means I essentially upgraded my K70 for a single extra key (Fn) as my K70 already had media keys. I can't blame anyone but myself about it, but I'm full and truly mad about it.

The build quality is excellent but they were incredibly cheap on the USB cable, which is really starting to get to me every time I need to move my board. You would think for $145 they would throw in a braided cable especially when the cable is meant to be at angles depending upon what the end user wants. The lack of a wrist wrest is becoming more and more apparent the more I use this board--and there is no inlaid divots for one to be added directly to the board. If I want one, I have to be happy with one of the cheap "lays on your desk" crappy rubber wrist wrests.

The keys, as I type, seem very cheap. I've been using a Cherry MX Blue for over 2 years now (K70) and the quality from the K70 seems light years ahead of this board. They keys themselves have the telltale audible click, but the resistance seems entirely off. Because of it, even though this keyboard layout is exactly the same as what I've been using every day for 2 years, I'm beginning to miss keys as I type, or the keys never get fully depressed because they depress at a weird angle in which they don't make full contact with the switch.

The only actual gripe I have with this board is the placement of the media keys. Naturally, setting the function key (to be used with the thumb) its most natural to have your index finger hit the play/pause and backward media keys, with your ring finger hitting the stop and forward media keys with volume in the middle (less used keys). But that's not how the layout is and it seems really weird.

Overall, this is a very nice board. But thinking about the sheer cost paired with the lack of almost all customizability (aside from the dip switches) I simply can't justify $145 as a cost for this board. If I had to say a fair price, it would be $60 for a truly entry level keyboard that's built very well.

This exact board, with customizable keys and a wrist wrest would be the cadillac of all mechanical keyboards. But that simply isn't the case--tread with caution.