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WASD V2 87-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

WASD V2 87-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Product Review (submitted on October 12, 2016):
This is one of the best overall values I've come across yet in the keyboard community. Being a keyboard enthusiast, I usually change out stock keycaps on any board I purchase. Having the option for a board without keycaps is a huge plus for me.

Beyond the barebones option, the keyboard itself is of extremely high quality. The media/function key options work excellently. And the extra dip switch functions work very well (I use the windows key lock functionality).

I only have two minor negatives. First, the costar stabalizers didn't like the PBT DSA keycaps I put on them. I ended up putting a small square of saran wrap on top of each one to keep it snug, a very minor issue. Second, the seam between the top and bottom halves of the case is a bit larger than I would like. Its a minor cosmetic issue but a small one nonetheless.

Overall I would highly recommend this board. The combination of usable features along with its conservative styling and barebones option makes this an excellent choice for almost any use.