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17" Soft Foam Wrist Pad

17" Soft Foam Wrist Pad

Product Review (submitted on January 4, 2017):
Despite what the picture would indicate, this wrist pad is *not* the full width of a WASD full-size keyboard. It's about 2cm short, which wouldn't seem like much, except half of your right wrist hangs off the edge when using the 10-key.

As pictured, there's no logo or printing of any kind, which is a big plus.

The foam is a good density, and has a good feel. It doesn't grip the table nearly as much as the keyboard does, but no biggie. However, immediately after I got it, the foam started coming off in chunks, particularly around the front edge. After a few months it stabilized, but parts of it now look like the moon's surface, and in other spots my wrists have worn through the top surface so it looks strange and uneven and feels overly grippy.

I would recommend shopping around unless your wallet's in a real pinch.