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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Green

Product Review (submitted on March 20, 2017):
I work as a Systems Engineer, and as such I spend a lot of time behind a keyboard. My employer gave me a laptop to use but I provided all my peripherals and docking station etc. I was using one of those membrane keyboards that ship with Lenovo desktops and kept mistyping and typing slow. A change was surely in order.

I spent a lot of time looking through keyboards to use for both home and work. Without being able to touch and feel them it was very hard to make a decision. Code was on my radar, but also the Ducky Shine and Das as well as Unicomp which supposedly make a faithful reproduction of the IBM Model M. I was heavily leaning toward the Unicomp but my gut told me to get the Code. I purchased one with green switches and had it shipped to the site I work at.

I've been using the Code with green switches for a few weeks now. I really enjoy having it at work so much that when I come home to a Razer Blackwidow Chroma it feels like a childrens' toy. My accuracy is better, my speed is better and my arms feel better overall. Seeing as 50% of IT is documentation this means a lot for me. My worklife has been a lot better because of my decision to go with the Code.

I like this keyboard so much that I'm going to buy one for home as well and get rid of this junk toy one. I don't care about colors or macro buttons. I want a good solid keyboard that performs like a champ. That is what the Code is and will continue to be until I kill it.

The greens they use exceeded my expectations for tactile feedback. I work in an office alone so the noise is a non-issue. It's fairly heavy for a keyboard and you can tell it is very well built.

I have only two very minor complaints about it. One is that the keycaps are sorta flimsy even compared to the ones that come on the Chroma. I'll eventually be picking up an entirely different set of something that are a bit thicker plastic and feel better. The second (and sorta thankfully for the first complaint) is that several of the keycaps had remnants from manufacturing. These were pieces of plastic jutting out of the bottom most portion of the keycap. The one on the up arrow key was so long it actually made a very loud high pitched sound when it scraped against the top bezel of the keyboard. Luckily the plastic was thin enough one good swipe with my trusty pocketknife took care of all the burrs.

Complaints aside I was and will continue to be happy with the Code. I cannot recommend it enough. If you're looking for a great productivity keyboard this is the one you should get.

Thank you wasd for making what will be the keyboard I continue to use and recommend for years. I can't wait to get another for home.