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CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown

CODE 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown

Product Review (submitted on July 25, 2017):
I'm not a keyboard expert, and this is my first proper mechanical keyboard in a long time. It feels solid and crisp without requiring much more force than the rubber-dome Apple keyboard I switched from. I wish it was USB-C, but Micro-USB is fine for a replaceable cord.

Things to watch out for: This thing is built like a tank; the base is _really_ thick. This puts my wrists at just enough of an angle that I'm regretting not getting a wrist wrest. So get a wrist wrest.

Also, the indicators are _really_ understated -- it's hard to visually tell whether capslock is engaged. Not a huge deal, as capslock becomes kind of obvious once you start typing, but... this was a good idea, taken just a little bit too far.

There is one thing Apple does better: They moved the capslock LED onto the capslock key, so it wastes no space on the keyboard. There was then a huge chunk of space above the numpad, which they filled with additional F-keys -- I don't think they even do anything by default, but you can always bind them to something. I appreciate that there isn't some giant corporate logo in that space above the LEDs, but now it's truly wasted -- put some keys there!