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WASD V2 105-Key ISO Custom Mechanical Keyboard

WASD V2 105-Key ISO Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Product Review (submitted on July 29, 2017):
The keyboard was shipped with a crooked space bar. Since the switches are Cherry MX Clear, I waited 12 days before attempting to see what's wrong (on day 1 the keys were dangerously difficult to pull). It turns out one of two stabilizers inserts was assembled backwards.

It was not a pleasant experience having to fix this because of the horror stories related to Cherry MX Clear switches breaking. Support is good though, so that was that.

And now the keyboard works nicely. UV printing quality is as good as my previous purchase (which convinced me into buying a new keyboard here in the first place). Bought for the workplace, and it is quieter than those of my colleagues who are using membrane keyboards, so that's neat.

4 stars for this assembly error. The following don't affect my rating:

- Informative for those who wish to ship to France (Paris): $48.25 for UPS Worldwide Express Saver + 42.80€ for customs. Purchased on a Sunday night, began shipping Friday, delivered Monday afternoon (total 8 days).

- Personal preference, my other two mechanical keyboards are using Mini USB, therefore the custom sleeved cables I had purchased for these keyboards are not compatible with the WASD v2, which uses Micro USB. I don't know which proportion of mechs use Micro USB, but I find that unfortunate. The good thing is that the socket is inside the keyboard behind cable management slots, so the cable and the socket are less likely to break.

- I find the flip out rubber pads impossible to open without the help of some thin plastic tool. I gave up using them at all considering I have to install and remove the keyboard every day.