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WASD V2 87-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical Keyboard

WASD V2 87-Key Doubleshot PBT Black/Slate Mechanical Keyboard

Product Review (submitted on November 27, 2017):
I have been an owner of the WASD Code keyboard for quite some time and have liked my experience with it. Much like other reviewers, I purchased the barebones keyboard so that I could avoid WASD's antibacterial coating on their PBT keycaps.

Anyhow, my review of this barebones keyboard is very similar to my review of the CODE. They are the same keyboard at the end of the day.

- Absolutely no problem setting it up. My keycaps went in fine, works fine with both my Windows machine and my MacBook Pro (After a USB C converter since the cable is not USBC_.

- Case is heavy and solid, feels great to carry around and to type on.

- DIP Switch is great for Mac use

- There is a separation in the two layers of plastic (top and bottom) which I think is rather ugly.

- The metal brackets on the larger keys (space, shift, etc.) ultimately creates a different feel on those keys and produces a different sound. I would love if they felt/sounded just like all the other keys.

Yes, it's a little pricey, but the build quality is worth it. WASD Customer support is also out-of-this-world.