Doubleshot ABS 104-Key JTK Bianco Keycap Set

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Product Description

In collaboration with Originative, we're able to bring you premium JTK doubleshot ABS keycaps.

JTK is known for using high quality materials to ensure longevity in its products. These keycaps are created with doubleshot molding for the ultimate in legend durability.


  • 104 ANSI Base (104 + 7 alternative color keys)
    • R4-1x1: cream "Esc", slate "~ `"
    • R3-1x1.5: slate "| \"
    • R2-1x1: cream scooped "F" and "J"
    • R1-1x1.25: slate 2x "Ctrl"
  • 31 Additional Keys
    • R4-1x1: "JTK", "Cherry", "Delete", "End", "PgDn", "←", "Cherry"
    • R3-1x1: "-"
    • R3-1x1.5: HHKB "Backspace"
    • R2-1x1: "+, "PgUp"
    • R2-1x1.75: "Control, stepped "Caps Lock"
    • R1-1x1: "Fn", "PgDn", "0 Ins", 2x "Win, 2x "Anchor", 2x "Star"
    • R1-1x1.5: 2x "Ctrl", 2x "Alt", 2x "Control"
    • R1-1x1.75: "Shift"
    • R1-1x2.25: "Shift"
    • 7u Spacebar
  • See image below for included keycaps
  • JTK Costar Inserts (12 inserts)
  • Polycarbonate keycap trays for travel/storage (2 trays)

Keycap Material: ABS (Doubleshot)
Keycap Profile: Cherry
Compatibility: Fits on most Cherry MX keyboards