Gray Anodized Aluminum Keyboard Case for 104-Key or 105-Key


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Product Description

Take your keyboard to the next level in premium quality and feel with a genuine WASD aluminum case for your V2 or V3 keyboard. Expertly CNC milled from a solid piece of aluminum, each half of our cases fit together perfectly and are held tight with socket head machine screws.

Compliment your custom keycaps with a case aesthetic that can only be achieved through the beauty of aluminum. Available in 3 anodized colors for even more options when creating the ultimate board. You will appreciate the heft and robust construction from the 5.5lbs of metallic glory on your desktop.

Fits V2* and V3 custom and CODE keyboards from WASD. 

*Please Note: If you're installing this on a V2 keyboard, please choose the upgrade option for the Type-C port, it also includes a Type-C (keyboard port) to USB-A (computer plug) cable.

Our aluminum cases do not have cable channels nor flip-out feet risers like our plastic cases do, so please take this into consideration when purchasing.