VIM by Skeletor 104-Key Custom Cherry MX Keycap Set

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Product Description

Unleash your inner programmer and learn the very efficient Vi or Vim text/code editor! VIM relies on a ton of hotkeys and without a reference handy this can make it quite difficult to remember them all, this set will help you build your mental memory as well as your muscle memory as the keycaps have your shortcuts printed right on the key that triggers it, just look down.

VIM layouts are available in both black and white keycaps as well as a low contrast alien fruit salad variant, all colorways are also available in standard QWERTY and Programmer's Dvorak. 

All custom keycap sets feature UV coated ABS keycaps for extremely durable legends and resistance to keycap wear.

Keycap Material: UV Coated ABS
Keycap Profile: OEM

Compatibility: Fits on most Cherry MX keyboards.

Included Keycaps:
36 - Row 4, 1x1
18 - Row 3, 1x1
11 - Row 2, 1x1
2 - Row 2, 1x1, Raised Line
1 - Row 2, 1x1, Raised Dot
18 - Row 1, 1x1
1 - Row 4, 1x2.00
2 - Row 3, 1x1.50
1 - Row 2, 1x1.75
1 - Row 2, 1x2.25
1 - Row 1, 1x2.25
1 - Row 1, 1x2.75
7 - Row 1, 1x1.25
1 - Row 1, 1x2.00
1 - Row 2, 2x1 Numpad Plus
1 - Row 1, 2x1 Numpad Enter
1 - Spacebar 

Also includes 1 Wire Keycap Puller Tool

This product is custom printed to order and not eligible for return.

Please note: All custom orders require a processing time of 2-5 business days before your order is shipped