WASD 6-Key Cherry MX Switch Tester


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Product Description

Our 6-Key Switch Tester incorporates a steel mounting bracket made from the same material as the steel backplate in our keyboards. This provides a more accurate representation of feel and noise when testing the switches. 6 of each type of our sound dampening O-rings are also included. Clear keycaps makes it easily to distinguish which switch and O-rings are being used.

Each switch tester includes :

1 - Steel plate mounting bracket
6 - R3 1x1 clear, uncoated keycaps.
6 - Red 40A-L O-Rings
6 - Blue 40A-R O-Rings
1 - Cherry MX Red MX1A-L1NN Keyswitch
1 - Cherry MX Black MX1A-11NN Keyswitch
1 - Cherry MX Brown MX1A-G1NN Keyswitch
1 - Cherry MX Clear MX1A-C1NN Keyswitch
1 - Cherry MX Blue MX1A-E1NN Keyswitch
1 - Cherry MX Green MX1A-F1NN Keyswitch