oming up on nearly a decade delivering unique and custom products, we’re marking this achievement with the launch of our V3 keyboard and brand new website. We will continue to progress in all aspects of our business, from our exceptional customer service to finding out new and innovative ways to make your keyboarding experience even better. A lot of our customers hold the misconception that we’re a giant organization with hundreds of employees, but we’re really just a small group of enthusiasts whom have now become great friends. Our team draws from many different backgrounds, passions, and hobbies all culminating around a love for all things mechanical keyboards.

WASD Keyboards was founded in 2011 with the aim to bring unmatched customizability to the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community. Initially we started with only a handful of keyboards and options with a small catalog of engravable characters and layouts. Today we offer a plethora of keyboards and accessories to match your personal style and needs. Just as we did in the very beginning, each custom keyboard and keycap set is built to order by our team here in Fremont, California. Whether you're a veteran keyboard warrior who eats rubberdomes for breakfast or just opening your eyes to the wonderful world of mechanical keyboards, we're here for you. Our team is dedicated to helping you find, choose, design, style, modify, and customize the keyboard of your dreams.

Meet Our Team

Here at WASD, we love keyboards and work together to show it in everything we do, from printing, assembly, and service. We eat, sleep, and dream keyboards.


King Geek

When he's not coming up with new products and ideas, he's passionate about board games, golf, and spending time with his wife and daughter.



David has been with us since the beginning and has worked every position. He's obsessed with computers, DIY modding and design. 


Business Development

Samantha does a little bit of everything from purchasing, inventory control, corporate sales. She's into baking, photography, and rock climbing.


Customer Service Superstar

Paige is our mechanical keyboard expert, she's on chat, email and social media. In her down time Paige enjoys a nice cold brew and video games.


Production Lead

Daniel is in charge of the entire flow from set up, print, assembly and QC. Daniel is a total sneaker-head. No one knows how many pairs he has.


Production Team

Danny is a keyboard building beast, he keeps our printers going all day long. When he's done building keyboards for the day he trades crypto to build and race go-karts.


Production Artist

Skyler makes sure all art files coming through are ready to be turned into amazing keycap and keyboards. When he's not working on your layouts Skyler enjoys outdoor activities.


Repair Man, Man

Ken makes all the custom sleeve cables to order but also repairs keyboards. He's a soldering master! Also he's the in house car expert, his passion is old Japanese cars.


Warehouse Master

Cicero is a busy man maintaining our warehouse while ensuring every keyboard is double checked, packed up with love and shipped to you. His favorite things are hot pot, biking, and fishing.