Commander X16 Deluxe Keyboard by 8-Bit Productions LLC and Chloe Corporation 87-Key V3 Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description

This is the deluxe keyboard option for The 8-Bit Guy's upcoming Commander X16 microcomputer. Realised by the Commander X16 design team in association with Chloe Corporation, it features 87 keys, PETSCII graphics on the keycaps, a bold retro style, and USB & PS/2 support out of the box. Use it with a modern computer running the Commander X16 (or other) emulator, or connect it directly to the Commander X16 computer via PS/2. Enjoy the trip down nostalgia lane and into the future with the Commander X16 deluxe keyboard.

**Please note; While the hardware of this keyboard is V3 it uses a PS/2 adapter and will come with V2.5 firmware already flashed on the keyboard to enable the PS/2 connection. It is possible to upgrade to the V3 firmware to use the new V3 keyboard functions (such as macro programming, virtual layers, etc...) at a later date, however to use the PS/2 connection you will have to stay on the V2.5 firmware.